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Default It has finally come to this: health problems!

I've been floating in and out of this forum for over a year. I lost 40 lbs but recently gained it all back, except for 12 pounds. I now weigh about 220. I've always wanted to lose weight for vanity reasons but I went to the doctor last week, and she gave me new reasons:

-I have a hiatal hernia
-I have a diverticulum

She said they don't usually see these problems till people are in their 50's, I'm 37! Talk about making you feel unhealthy. She said that to get rid of the hiatal hernia (besides meds), I needed to lose weight.

I've attempted so many times to lose weight. You know, it's funny, I know all about how to eat right and about dieting and how to lose weight but I have problems sticking to it. I am an all-or-nothing person, so if I screw up for a couple of days, I am apt to just quit all together.

It's sad that it takes serious health problems to get me motivated to lose the weight. I've been doing pretty well the past week or so. I am eating new veggies that I've never tried and eating more fruits and veggies. Instead of eating out on the weekend, we made a really healthy and delicious meal as a treat.

Hopefully I can stay on track this time, but it is so discouraging to know how many times you've fallen off the same wagon...I'm starting to get bumps on my noggin' from it!

Still not giving up, fighting the fight of my life!

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