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Default need some advice!

i have a rather silly problem that i hope you guys can help with. i'm doing well with my weight loss, but this week i met this guy, and we've gone on two dates and i really really like him. the problem is, because i like him so much, i can't eat! i'm all nervous and "too happy" and giddy to eat much of anything at all. so i'm not eating enough points (WW) and i was just wondering...

to keep everything balanced, should i just make myself try to eat, or should i maybe compensate with some higher point/calorie foods for right now?

again, i know it's a silly problem, but danged if my brain isn't working right, either!

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I would make sure to eat small meals every few hours throughout the day. Just make sure it is healthy stuff; I would not compensate with higher calorie/point foods. Just doesn't sound like a good idea!

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I take advantage of times when I have no appetite. Why force yourself to eat? My husband is this naturally skinny guy, and he will NOT eat unless he's hungry. Won't eat when he first gets up, etc.

When I was thin and young, and "giddy" like you are describing, I was seriously afraid to eat at times because of the butterflies in the stomach that made me feel like I'd get sick if I ate. Those natural endorphins (or whatever they are) are working to your advantage. I would say that if your body is telling you it doesn't need food right now, why challenge it? As long as you aren't getting ravenous and out of control with your eating you should do fine for a few days with less. Most of us think we need way more food than we really do anyway.

I can remember days when stress made me not eat, now it seems to work the opposite. I liked it better before.
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It depends...if you are likely to binge when you do feel hungry because you haven't eaten in hours and hours you'd probably be better off making yourself eat something.
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I'm with Jen - I'd be pretty mindful of what I choose to eat when my appetite came back. Other than that I wouldn't worry too much.

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I wouldn't force myself to eat per se, but I'd try and keep some food in my system. Maybe a handful of almonds or a slice of cheese, just something to keep you going. There is nothing quite like the feeling of meeting someone that you really like but your nerves will calm soon enough so I wouldn't worry to much about not eating as much as usual. It is a short term problem that will pass!

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