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Default Help!!! feeling very discouraged

Hi all I need help I have hit a barrier I cant seem to break down. I started back in June when my weight hit an all time high of 290 by the end of July I had dropped 30 pounds though diet and exercise. I got busy and lost track for months but I maintained the weight lost and didnt gain or lose. I didnt exercise but I didnt go back to my nasty eating habits. Why didnt I continue to lose? That Im not to conserned about since I didnt gain back any I just thought since I was eating good I would have lost a little.
Any way I have been back on track since December 19th. I have eaten good with the exception of xmas day. I have done an hour work out a minimum of 3 times a week sometime 4 or 5. And I see the scale bounce around from 254 to 263 Why? Like today it said 255 but it has in the past then the next time it will be 260. I am so SICK of the 60s just when I think they are behind me I go weight and Im back up!!!
I cant understand this but its bumming me out. I feel so good about my exercises they work me hard Im sweating buckets and I think this has to be working just to be diappointed at the scale. I feel like why work this hard to maintain when I didnt work at all for almost 5 months and maintained. I have bought a second scale in case my old one wasnt woeking right but they match.
Any thoughts would be apprecated!!
Thanks Kelly
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Oh, I know this is soooo much easier for me to say than to do but, STEP AWAY FROM THE SCALE. It can be a great tool but not if you let it drive you crazy along the way. Fluctuations are normal but that doesn't make them any less discouraging, especially when you see your weight going up and down over the course of a DAY (much less a week or longer).

Take a really close look at what and how much you are eating. Is it time to decrease your calorie intake or are you eating too little? Keep up the exercise and increase the intensity and length of your workouts as you can. If you know, and I mean KNOW you are doing these two things right then relax because the weight WILL come off - whether the scale says it is or not.

In the meantime, take your measurements and a couple of pictures. These two things can be much better indicators of your progress than the scale.

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You have to kinda laugh, I know it's horrible. I plateaued for three months, have lost three pound, and now appears I am plateauing again. Keeping ones sense of humour is essential.

When you're doing everything right and stepping on the scale does not induce this : it's tempting to blame yourself or to binge. Remember that you (and me) have been fat for a long time, it's stressful for your body to go through this. It needs this plateau time to adjust.

As lucky has said, you need to concentrate on other measures. During my plateaus I have still shrunk, I get measurements done every eight weeks, and I continued to get smaller and my clothes sizes went down too. Concentrate on Non Scale Victories. Even if you don't lose a pound your lifestyle changes are doing great things for your health and well being.

Hang in there, we all plateau and we all (those who own them, which I don't) threaten to throw the scales out the window and dial for

You WILL get through this
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