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Default Fat intake

Hi guys,

Now I am all concerned about my fat intake. Can you all tell me how many grams of fat you allow yourself in a day? And have you lost weight on that amount, I am having trouble finding help anywhere about this because I don't want to take in too much, I am really overwieght and have about 200 pounds to lose. Thanks!
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I only really look at calories. High fat foods = high in calories. But I still eat some high fat foods. I have asthma and found when I really restricted my fat intake, my asthma got worse. So include measured amounts of oily fish, healthy oils (hemp, flax and olive) and I now include cheese (only full fat, only the best and only small amounts) My rate of weight loss hasn't changed and my asthma has improved. I try not to have any of the "bad fats" trans fatty acids or hydrogenated vegetable oil, and try to steer clear of saturated fat.
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I keep an eye on my fat intake via www.fitday.com and usually am in the 20 to 40 range. Your body needs 20-30 grams of good fat per day in order to utilize the nutrients in our food. Cutting fat intake too low can lead to hair loss for one thing. I avoid hydrogenated and saturated fats as much as possible and don't freak if my fat is a bit high on some days. Yesterday it was a bit high (48) but today will be on the low side (27) so it balances out.
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I don't follow my fat intake close either. In fact, I have to open up fitday to try to see my average for you I'm seeing my average is in the 70's. Now I think it's because I'm not usually watching the food I actually eat, just my calories and sort of looking at the food.

I'm not sure how much you should or shouldn't have though!

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remember fat is essential for living. it helps keep tendons an ligaments supple and also essential fatty acids are required for the metabolisation of body fat. as mentioned fish oil flax seed oil and olive oil are all good for you. as is nut oil (unless your allergic to it ) the fats to steer clear of as a general rule are ones which are solid at room temperature. i.e lard butter fat found on meat. the one thing i concentrated on when i lost my bulk was removing highly processed and refined foods. i.e ready meals! and snacks bars. i'm now back on this. i have lots of fresh veg and meat fruit and cereal. for an example i have a cheap meal thread here with some ideas on.
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I count calories, but after a while started paying attention to other factors, like fat. I track everything in nutridiary, so was able to go back and look at how I've been doing.

To clarify, the stat I'd always heard is that you need 20-30% of your calories from fat -- the number of grams will vary depending on how many calories you're eating.

When I first started tracking in nutridiary (in Aug), I was eating about 2000 cals/day and 31% of that was from fat. Compare that to the last 4 weeks: I've dropped to under 1900 cals/day and 23% of that is from fat (avg 50 g). My sat fats are about 16 g.day, or about 1/3 of my overall fats. I do try to include "good" fats such as olive oil.

Edited to add: like synger, below, I also prefer a "small smear of real butter" to margarine, and would rather go without than use ff dressing (I often substitute feta cheese for dressing and toss well...)

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I grew up VERY fat-phobic. Food-wise, that is. Being a fat girl in the lowfat 80s and 90s made me REALLY aware of how "bad, wicked, terrible" fat was for me.

I've had a hard time unlearning that, but I'm getting there. I've found that I need protein and fat in higher proportions than the lowfat folks say. Otherwise I get too hungry too fast. I can eat and eat and eat lowfat food and never be satisfied. But give me protein, and I am sated. Because many protein foods also have fat, my fat increased, too.

But because I look primarily at calories, then at protein, then at fruits/veg in my plan, the amount of fat does not bother me. And I'm losing slowly but steadily. I have also become a strong proponent of the school of thought that says, "I'd rather have a small smear of real butter on a homemade roll than a tub of low-fat margarine spread on white bread." I'm much more into quality over quantity now. Again, it really helps me feel satisfied, and like this is do-able, and a lifestyle change rather than a "diet."

To answer your specific question: in looking at a few months in Fitday, I'm averaging around 70 grams of fat a day, which is about 40% of my calories. Another 40% is carbs (about 180 grams), with about 20% protein (about 90 grams). In the past six months, I've lost an average of a pound a week.

Hope that helps.
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The American Heart Association recommends up to 30% of your calories per day come from fat. Like wyllenn said, the actual number of grams will depend on your caloric intake. Also, as most have mentioned, be most wary of saturated fats and anything hydrogenated (hydrogenated oils is where trans fats mostly come into play, and they are the truly evil ones ).
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I don't count fat grams at all, but on average about 30% of my calories come from fat (thanks fitday). Like Jill, I do try to stay away from hydrogenized oils though.
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I answered this question where you posted it in the nutrition section.
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Like some of the others, I don't count fat grams either. While I read labels when buying packaged foods, I think that counting calories has just naturally put me in the position of backing way off on the fats because I can't eat enough to be full (or eat enough to not constantly feel hungry! ) if I'm consuming too much fat. I occasionally have some real chocolate, or REAL cheese, and I have salmon, but for the most part, I'm bumping up the fruits & veggies and eating lean protein so I'm comfortable that it's all balancing out.
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