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Default 3 under 4

Hi there, my name is Michelle and I am looking to find someone who knows how I feel. I have twin boys 3 and a little girl 2. I was never skinny to begin with but after my daughter the only thing I lost was all my hair. Yup figure that one out. It has been three years and it is still gone. Been three years and only lost 20 pounds.

We just moved to Edmonton and I need to get on the bandwagon. Found it was much easier to get in the groove when I worked. Just excuses I know. Would like to meet someone for some support.

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Hello Michelle,
I just wanted to say "Hi". Sounds like you have your hands full! I hope you find great friends here. I love it here and I've only been here a short while. As you can tell below... I have a lot of weight to lose so if you ever need to talk or just complain, I'm here!
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Hi, Michelle, and welcome. I know how you feel. My oldest son is seven and we have twins that turned five yesterday. I remember all too well what it was like when they were younger. I considered a good day when I got to brush my teeth before noon. LOL. I didn't have any hair loss but it did change color. Have you talked with your doctor? It seems odd that it wouldn't have at least begun to regrow by now. Perhaps there is an underlying medical cause?

You've found a great place for support and advice. I hope you will stick around. You are sure to be inspired by all of the wonderful people here.

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Thanks for the message. I have talked to numerous doctors but little is known about alopecia totialis. They say that it wasn't caused by stress or birth. HMMMM I don't know if I agree since when I was breastfeeding the boys I started to lose my hair and then when my daughter came along and I started breast feeding her it all fell out. Anyhow, they don't know if or when it will ever grow back but they say it might.

But for all you women who want to get up in the morning with bed head...I never have to deal with that I just throw on a wig and away I go. Except for the lack of eyebrows and eyelashes nobody can tell. I never have a bad hair day. (unless one of the kids gets a hold of the wig lol)

Thanks for the support
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Michelle! Post often so we can get to know you!
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hello michelle! i cant imagine having three! i only have my one (see pict!) no wonder all you do is pull out your hair! lol

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I just joined yesterday and already I'm welcoming.. haha. Welcomes are great though, so welcome!!

I hope to see you around!
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Hi and welcome . I have an 11 YO stepson, an almost 3 YO daughter (her birthday is two days after Christmas) and a 22 mo. old son so I can feel some of your pain. I know what you mean about it being easier when you worked because you have more structure. I do horrible on the weekends but can stay OP (on plan) during the week. You might try to set a schedule with yourself since I'm assuming you are a SAHM.
You can find lots of advice, help, support here so post often.

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Another Albertaian...even if you are from Edmonchuck ....welcome.. I have a 4yo little boy, and work full time, but I can feel for you. 3 under 4 wow....well you'll get lots of suport here. Welcome.
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Careful now, unheardkoala, I've been known to pop down to Calgary every now and then...!

to you, Michelle! I have no kids, but judging by what I've seen of my SIL's 3 little monsters, I imagine it can't be easy!
-- Ali the <*)))>((
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Hi Michelle - welcome to the group. I don't have any kids myself but thinking about it tires me out. I just don't know how people do it.

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Hi Michelle, I can relate to what you are going through. I am the opposite of you though, I have a 7 year old boy and then b/g twins that are 6. Yep 14 months apart. Now what was I thinking! We wanted kids close together, but the twins were a surprise.
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You have found the right place for support. Please feel free to jump right in so we can get to know you better!!

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