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Default Water Fasting, how it works...?

I started water fasting about 2 weeks ago, and I lost 4 pounds the first day and continually lost 1-3 pounds.. after about a week and a day I lost 20 pounds. Since my plan is to lose 10 pound a week I started eating for a day. I ate like 2 bags of veggie chips and i gained 2 pounds the next day I ate no more than 1000 calories. the next day i had gained 3 pounds. Once this happened i started water fasting again. but in 2 days i didn't lose any weight. The third day i finally lost a pound but I'm not losing weight anymore. I wanted to know if this has happened to anyone else and what they did or even if it hasn't happened if someone knows why I'm not losing weight anymore. Oh also i started at 282 and I'm 266 now. Im trying to get around 140-160 and I'm 5'8.

Thank you
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Hi there,

I really don't want to upset you in any way so please feel free to disregard my reply. Fasting can be very dangerous and you can become very malnourished. Your body will turn to your muscle and feed on itself and that will eventually lead to a slower metabolism. If you can eat so little, why not eat a balanced diet and lose weight in a way that you can maintain? If you starve yourself, you'll most likely end up binge eating from your sense of deprivation and end up gaining it all back and then some. I hope you'll reconsider your plan and choose something that is healthy. Veggie chips and water are not giving your body the nutrition it needs.

Also, the weight fluctuations are likely due to water retention and losing weight on the scale doesn't necessarily mean you're losing fat.
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I agree with luckymommy....
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I also agree with Luckymommy, she said it best.
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If you came here for support, you probably won't get it here. 3FC does NOT support fasting diets. You are damaging your health.
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I must stress that a 10lb per week loss is a very unrealistic goal, at least where maintaining health is concerned! It is far more realistic and healthy to aim for a 1-2lb per week loss.

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The only reason to water fast is for cleansing your body/ religious purposes. You should not be using this as a weightloss method and your fast should not last for more than 6-7 days once every month. Also, you need to be under the strict supervision of a doctor during your fast because you can cause serve organ damage releasing too many toxins at once. There is a proper pre-fast diet and post fast diet you should be following as well for transitioning your body.

No one can make you do anything if you're insisting on this, but please, for your own sake, become educated on how to safely fast if this is something you choose for cleansing. Search google for "benefits and risk of water fasting" and really talk to a doctor about how to do it safely so you don't kill your liver and kidneys. At the very least, do your research online. A weightloss forum is no place to put the chance of causing permanent damage to your body on the line.

If you feel you need an extreme diet to succeed, go vegan. You'll drop the weight.

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I agree with the others and I hope you really take it in and opt for a more healthy way to lose weight. Best wishes to you.

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