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Default What's your plan for Easter?

I'm curious to know if anyone else is strategizing for the holiday this weekend? If you observe Easter, what's on the menu? Will you indulge in everything or pick and choose? Will you avoid temptation or try to face it down?

I think I will have 2 Easter dinners to contend with this week, plus leftovers. Saturday we will be at my Dad's, there will be ham and scalloped potatoes. My plan is to eat and enjoy both -- not something I'd eat any other time -- but I will also do a good long workout in the morning. I plan to burn off at least 400 calories in order to make room for the splurge. Same thing for Easter dinner #2, although I'm hoping that one will be a turkey dinner.

The chocolates are not much of a temptation for me, but I may have a piece of good dark chocolate if there is a strong urge.


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I'm going to my parents house, which is a 4 hour drive away. My cousin, who I don't see very often, will be in town as will my uncle. My family are big eaters (case in point: my uncle is 6'2 and over 300 pounds and eats like a horse) so there will be LOTS of food.

I am bringing my Kinect with me and I'm going to aim for 20-30 minute classes on Your Shape: Fitness Evolved every day. I will be eating everything, but I'll be portion-controlling it and focusing on vegetables more than the fatty foods like turkey (or ham, Im not sure what mom's cooking), potatoes, and desserts.

I haven't really told my parents I'm on a diet yet because while mom is supportive, dad can be a bit of a saboteur with his comments (although I know he does love me). It'll be hard but I'll make it through
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Hi From Canada, eh?
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I'm going to delight in my Mom's turkey dinner, and take some white meat for sandwiches. I was in Wal-Mart yesterday and saw the 1 POUND chocolate bunnies that I would buy and demolish in about 4 days....yoikes!!! No crappy chocolate for this girl, I'm saving myself for awesome turkey dinner!

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oh my goodness i haven't even thought about it! my family has not made specific Easter lunch plans and since that is the case I think i'm deciding right now to do it it MY place. Then I can cook whatever/however i want
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My husband promised me weeks ago he has a new recipe for a spinach stuffed pork tenderloin he is making for us to go along with the ham at his Mom's . I just don't care for the sodium and taste of ham anymore.The sodium messed me up big time.

Also taking some roasted asparagus and carrots along with my deviled eggs. I will skip the potatoes, mac and cheese and bread. My plate will be mostly veggies and a deviled egg plus small piece of pork. I think I will make up a light version of strawberry shortcake to offer for dessert. I know there will be coconut cake but I like fresh strawberries better anyways.

I'm not sweating it because the bad stuff won't be too tempting I have lived without it for awhile now. It's just one day I will enjoy it without going nuts and feeling sick with guilt.
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Week from strategies for me. My birthday plus Easter and being away with family for five days. No control over meals. So I'm just going with moderation and a little bit of treating without over indulging and making sure I get some exercise in.
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I'm going to just try and outrun that darn easter bunny! Right now he has hidden treats in my closet and I swear I can hear those little peeps chirping to the chocolate bunnies!
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I plan on eating easter dinner, within my calorie limits. So generally that means I skimp on earlier meals during the day, drink lots of tea, and have a nice full plate at dinnertime! I plan to have none or very little chocolate.
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My mother in law is flying out from the west coast, and we are having Easter supper at our house. I know she's planning on making scalloped potatoes, and we are having ham. I will have ham, however I will pass on the scalloped potatoes. I would "splurge" and not worry about it too much, except she is taking us out for supper tomorrow night, for Chinese, and THAT is my splurge night, so Easter will be on plan.

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We're hosting a small family dinner. Have made changes to the standard meal especially regarding vegetables...roasted carrots with dill and roasted asparagus with lemon instead of vegetable casserole with creamed soup and onion rings and corn drowning in butter. Tradition dictates ham and lasagna which I will have a serving of and then lots of the salad with every healthy thing imaginable in it.

Mom is making SF jello with fruit and MIL an angel food cake with fresh strawberries so I am excited about staying on course!

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I'm going to my fiance's Mother's house for Easter, and we're having either turkey or ham, his sister wasn't sure when we last talked to her. If it's ham I doubt I'll be having any, as last time I had ham I was ill (not due to the ham but still there's the association). I'll bring a salad and some fruit I think, maybe do some fresh strawberries and pineapple with ff coolwhip.


Doing this one day at a time.
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Clementine -- Mmm...angelfood cake with strawberries...thanks for the idea!

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Hi All . I'm having Easter dinner here with family. I'm going to "do" a roast chicken, roasted potatos, green beans (I think), green salad & daughter is bringing apple crisp (flourless). All recipes are coming out of my WW cookbook so I think it will be a good day. No chocolate in the house 'cause it calls my name! And I'll be walking the dogs ( a long walk) before too. Everyone have a great day today. It is beautiful & sunny :sunny" here - YAY. After waking up to about 3" of snow on Monday. YUK! BFN
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We are grilling jumbo shrimp and squash outside on the barbecue, served with a big garden salad and sun tea. Fresh strawberries and cantelope for dessert. Yummy!

Link to before and after pics
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I am having family over to my house this Easter for brunch. I will have no candy in the house. I have already made baskets for the grandkids and there will be no candy in them, just fun toys. Even the plastic eggs that I am hiding will not have candy. I am making a little statement this year.
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