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Post Workout Rituals

I was talking to one of my friends the other day and i told her how after my workouts i am super hungry. So i have made myself a small little ritual of coming home from the gym and having about half a handful of almonds and a glass of milk. Her ritual after a workout is having a cup of yogurt with raisins. Does anyone else get hungry after their workouts?
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Yes! I used to be on a swim team, and I tell yah, the hunger I experienced after 1.5 hours in the pool cannot even be explained.

Do you find that you are only hungry right after working out? I worked out first thing this morning (I normally exercise at night) and I ate all the extra snacks I brought to work, which was until 10pm!


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I just got my Prevention magazine in, and that was one of the things it talked about- making sure you eat 30 minutes before you workout. I havent tried it, because I always assumed you were to eat after...here's an article I found on the web, it talks more about the benefits not so much about the hunger issue

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I had heard that one should eat a snack that includes protein half an hour before exercising. There was a question about this in another forum just recently.

SwimGirl, I know what you mean about swimming hunger!

It's also OK to have a snack after exercising--you just have to plan for it, as the OP described.

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Going to the beach is the worst for me. Every time I get back I think that I could eat like half a cow. Sadly, I have attempted and succeeded at this a couple of times.

For when I lift I eat half a PB&J before and the other half after. Then I shower and eat.

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Starving!!!! I joke that if I don't get something protein in me after a good workout, I'll gnaw my own arm off.

In general if you eat before a workout it's a good idea to eat carbs. And studies have shown that you should consume some form of protein within an hour AFTER working out to help rebuild muscles.

I started doing that seriously about .. hm ... 3 ish months ago? And it really really works for me. I also started eating a LOT more protein and really tracking it.

I try to have fruit about 30-45 minutes before I get to the gym.
After the gym I get home and have a protein powder smoothie (2% milk, a scoop of powder, and either some frozen fruit, or a spoonful of strawberry preserves).

Having the smoothie after working out in the evening does a couple of things - it gets the protein I need into my body after working out, but it also curbs my hunger so that I'm not ravenous for dinner. I am able to eat a small and healthy dinner and then not crave snacky things before going to bed.

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In my case I work out after work and just before dinner. I always eat one fruit when I am on my way to the gym, but I still starving when I get home afterwards...
So I cook and have a great healthy meal, with lots of protein... It works for me
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