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Default Scale discrepancy

I waited a whole month for my first weigh in so I could do it at my Doctor's office. After I got my new weight, I went to my moms house to see if her scale matched up to the Dr.s and it did. So each week, I am going by that and have saw the pounds dropping off. I do not have a scale at home because I don't want to get obsessed about weighing. Well, yesterday, my dad brought me this really old scale that he called a family heirloom *lol* over to the house. I didn't say anything about not wanting a scale because I did not want to hurt his feelings. I told myself not to step on it because it could show something different BUT I did it anyways! It showed me 10 pounds heavier than the one at my moms house says. My heart dropped and I really had to talk myself out of getting depressed. I know to go by the same scale that I have been using but that really made me feel awful. Do you get different readings on different scales?
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Put that scale away and never speak of it again. Alway, always, always be consistent in when and how you weigh. Home scales are not always accurate, but they should be consistent.
You will get different readings on different scales, and it will drive you insane. So use the same scale, and in the same manner every time you weigh.
~ Lori

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Throw that heirloom out! Scales can be WAAAAAY off from eachother.

The one at the doctor's and the one at your mother's work perfectly fine, why mess with it? Get your readings from those & forget every other scale.
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Scales are just machines. They are wrong most of the time. That's why you find one scale and stick with it. Then even if it is off by a few pounds, your "amount lost" is correct. You weigh the same as you did 5 minutes before you stepped on that thing, so don't let it affect you. Sell it on Ebay.

You're doing great! 216 seems pretty skinny to me!
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My digital scale at home always registers my weight as 2 pounds less than the doctors-type scale at my gym. I always go by the weight on the scale at my gym because that's where I do my monthly weigh-in. I wouldn't stress about the "heirloom" scale. It's probably just inaccurate! If your mom's scale and the doctor's are showing the same weight, they're probably more reliable.
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I agree with all the above posts Throw that scale away, or at least hide it really, really well and only get it out when family is over! LOL!
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Lightbulb Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto

I would ditto everything everyone else said here. We all know that scales at the doctor's office is supposed to be the most accurate. However, if you don't go to the doctor very often, you do need something to "keep you honest".

I moved recently. I asked my DH to step on the scale since his weight only fluctuates about 2 lbs either way and then I did. I needed to adjust my ticker up but that wasn't the reason why. I had been off my food plan for about 10 days and I knew it. However, having said that, I wanted to have a "base reading" that I could begin with. The floors are stone in my new bathroom vs old linoleum in the other one. I also think these are more level. Now, that I have determined what my DH weighs I use him as a gauge whenever I am disputing my weight gain. Isn't it interesting we never dispute the weight loses only the gains???

I have been back on my food plan for three days, the 7 lbs have truly disappeared (down the toilet mostly) and I have readjusted my ticker.

Now, I will only weigh once again, on my official weigh-in day. The scales are only one indication of your weight lose progress. I think, it is an important one but only one!
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Speaking of scales....

When I lived in Michigan my family doctor had gone thru medical school as nurse working in a doctor's office. After becoming a doctor and in her own practice - whenever her nurse would weigh someone - she was told to automatically subtract 2 pounds off the number on scale. The doctor did that because daily for years and years she would hear people say - "But, my clothes and shoes must weight two pounds."

So, if the scale said 150 pounds - it was recorded as 148 .

Wasn't that a GREAT idea. I miss her. She was a wonderful doctor.

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Lets see .. you know you're losing weight because you're consistently weighing with the same scale. So you step on an ANTIQUE scale - one that no only hasn't been calibrated in God knows how long ... not to mention that it might never have been properly calibrated to begin with ....

And you're letting yourself be depressed because it shows a different weight????

Come on ... you're smarter than that. We all are.

Throw the damned thing away and move on from it.

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I agree with everyone.. scales can be evil and they like to play tricks on us. When I go to my mom's her scale, a digital, always has me at 7 pounds more than my dial scale has me at. I use the number on my scale, just because I don't go to my mom's very often.. and because it is a lower number
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Go and the scale. Use your mom's or the dr's only for the official "weigh" in dates. I use the scale on a limited basis. And then I get out my handy dandy measuring tape (you know like out of your sewing box) and use it. That way you can get an accurate idea on what you are really loosing. GL

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In Onderland!!!!
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Thanks everyone! You make me feel sooo much better!! I knew better than to worry about it but sometimes I just need someone else to tell me I'm being silly! *lol*
Finally in Onderland!!!

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