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Default eating out

Okay, so today I went out with my kids because I had to. Normally I am lucky, because I am a stay-at-home mom who runs a daycare, so really I go nowhere. Which helps, because I am not tempted. I don't get my own groceries (I get them delivered) or grandma will pick up eggs or milk or something I need on the days in between when she is going.

I have finally read so thought-provoking books from the library that have now convinced me that fast-food is bad. And not just calories bad - or bad for you - but now I am totally grossed out by it- where the beef comes from, the corporate policies, the bottom line. I assure you, I used to be the QUEEN of MacDonalds. Now it's just something I won't eat. EVER. Feed it to my kids - forget it.

So my question is : where do you eat out if you have to?

I guess I am talking fast food..not restaurants...today I went to tim hortons, because I feel relatively comfortable that their bagels are made with genuine ingredients (correct me if I am wrong) and yes it wasn't an organic coffee....but, I figured in the grand scheme of things it wasn't so bad.


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Well, first I'd look around your town to see if there are any local/non fast-food options...I have two great salad bars with local produce near me, so I try to go there if I need something fast.

If I'm out and about, though, Subway always works...reasonable calories and a filling meal. Starbucks also has a GREAT snack - veggies with creamy pesto dip. It is expensive, but really good veggies, and I think 140 calories for the whole thing...and really tasty! I'll use that to get me through until I can get home.
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it's always something
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In an pinch, I'll eat at Panera Bread because I can get a good salad, or can have soup with half a veggie sandwich for a reasonable amount of calories.
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I also like:

sushi places - particularly sashimi, miso soup, seaweed salad, edame (I avoid tempura, creamy scallop stuff, crunchy rolls and eel rolls - which I love but have a ton of super sweet sauce)

Chipotle - chicken bol, half the rice, no tortilla, black beans, tons of pico de gallo, romaine, 1/2 serving of guacamole

Subway (or other sandwich place) - veggie or turkey sandwich on a whole wheat wrap if they have it or whole grain bread, tons of vegetables, spicy mustard

Teriyaki places - salmon or tofu bowls with brown rice (if possible), I ask for less rice and more vegetables

I haven't had any "traditional" fast food since July 2004 - I don't miss it, it's just a complete non entity in my life. Lots of grocery stores have soup/salad bars, a lot of time, I just take my own turkey sandwich on whole grain bread!
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I like Subway and other deli sandwich shops because I can see the ingredients and choose the wisest.

We also love Zaxby's chicken and I don't want to know what they do because their honey mustard chicken fingers are so yummy!! As well as their blue cheese blackened chicken salad, which is a much better choice than the fingers.
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Hi From Canada, eh?
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I'm a subway fan too -- i ask them to scoop out the insides of most of the bread tho hehehe saves a ton of cals and makes all the fixins stay in place better!

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I get subway almost once a week for a treat (lol or if I feel really sad.. hellooo emotional eater here), and there's one family restaurant in town with a great salad bar that I try to 'steer towards' if my family wants to go out. Boston Pizza has nutritional info online and a healthy options menu but I havent eaten at Tim's... I find subway to be a better option if I'm going for something fast.

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If I must eat fast food, it is usually Subway, Schlotzsky's Deli, or Chick-fil-a. I also appreciate that these places have the nutrition information posted on their website. I love Quiznos subs but last time I checked there was no nutrition information and I don't like to guess so I won't eat there.
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I love Subway's Veggie Max sub (kind of like a veggie burger on a 6 inch bun). A tiny bit of mustard and mayo and all the veggies! Gotta have the cheese too :blush:

There is a great place in calgary called Extreme Pita. It is like subway but without a lot of the carbs. I usually get the grilled club wrap. two slices of bacon, two slices of ham and two slices of turkey grilled right in front of me then wrapped with whatever I like.

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I go for Subway as well...always turkey breast on whole wheat, tons of veggies, just a little honey mustard. Or I get a salad with the turkey on top, yum! Every now and then I might still take kids through McDs, but I get a salad and now my 5 year old does as well. We don't really eat out beyond Subway...our small town doesn't have much, lucky for me.

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Well, I don't have much to add - Subway is my fav. Baja Fresh (or Rubio's) is also a good alternative but you have to be careful.

Just fyi, gina, Schlotzsky's Deli's bread is loaded with fat. I love their product and happened to see the info somewhere once. Might wanna check it out...

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I know you are worried about corprate greed, and food ingredients, what about a local pizza shop, and you could get a salad, they are relatively quick, the only downside is the pizza the kids eat in front of you. I went to the drive thru at MCDs and Burger king this week for the kids, and I went and got a coffee at Dunkin Donuts for my treat. No temptation that way.
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