I never thought tripping over my own feet could be so much fun! I recently started using Zumba, a fitness DVD guaranteed to get you up and moving, and loving every step you take. If you’ve never heard of Zumba, imagine Latin style dance aerobics. Now imagine the fast, pumping music, the handsome men, the hips of Shakira – it’s all there! You’ll burn calories while sculpting your body. It’s fun and addictive! zumba

The Zumba set includes 4 DVDs and an audio CD. The first DVD teaches you the steps to a variety of dances used throughout the Zumba series. You’ll learn to do the mambo, rumba, salsa, flamenco, and more! You don’t have to be a good dancer to get a workout from Zumba, but you’ll probably be a better dancer before you know it. It’s so much fun! The other DVDs include Power, Advanced, and one designed for Abs, Buns, and Thighs. The Power DVD includes a bonus section for kids. They do move pretty quickly, so novices may not be able to keep up at first. If I can get the hang of it then anyone can, so don’t give up!

This fitness DVD set is for everyone that hates traditional aerobic DVDs. It’s for everyone that loves to dance, or thinks they can’t dance. It’s for adults and kids. Zumba is fairly easy on the joints, unlike some other types of aerobics. Did I mention that it’s also fun?

You can also visit Zumba studios all over the country and take classes. We’ve heard that some classes stay so busy that people are routinely turned away. If you don’t have a class in your area, try the DVD set. You can purchase directly from Zumba for $49.95, or check eBay for good deals on new sets. When you visit the Zumba website, click to view the Zumba DVD preview and you can get a hint of what’s in store for you.

Have fun!


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