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Fat makes everything taste better. It makes our salad dressings creamier, our baked goods moister, and makes everything taste better because it’s a flavor carrier. It also does a fantastic job at increasing our spare tires and thunder thighs. So, you’ve decided you can live without the thunder thighs, but do you really need to sacrifice the good qualities that fat brings to our foods? Z-Trim can help you reduce calories by replacing up to half of the fat in your favorite recipes without adding any calories or affecting the flavor or texture. ztrim fat replacer

Have you heard of Z-Trim? You probably haven’t heard of this new product because it’s not in stores yet. In You on a Diet, authors Drs. Oz and Roizen mentioned Z-Trim as a substance that could eventually change the way we eat by reducing fat and calories in our favorite foods. Z-Trim is a fat free, calorie free, and taste-free natural product that is made from the bran of corn, oats, and other grains. It is used to replace some of the fat in our recipes and can make a substantial difference in how many calories we consume. We were curious, so we decided to try it out.

Z-Trim isn’t available in stores, but it can be purchased online at www.ztrim.com. It is available as a gel or powder. The gel is ready to use and can be squirted from the bottle directly into your recipes. The powder should be blended with water to create a gel before using. The powder can also be added dry to increase fiber content of your recipes. Weight Watchers members should love it because it can help reduce points per serving in some recipes by reducing fat and calories.

You can’t use Z-Trim to replace ALL of the fat in your recipes, just part of it. The texture or consistency of your foods would suffer. Plus, we need some fat in our diets for good health. We just don’t need as much as most people get. Z-Trim recommends replacing between 25% and 50% of the fat with their product. Different recipes will react differently, so you may need to experiment and start with 25% replacement and gradually move up.

We tried Z-Trim in several recipes with great success. First, we baked two batches of oatmeal cookies from a mix. The package said to add 1 stick of butter, and we decided to try a 50/50 split of butter and Z-Trim. We then passed the cookies around a family gathering and asked for opinions without telling them what we had done. There were subtle differences between the two cookies. The Z-Trim cookies raised a tiny bit more than the regular cookies, so they were slightly cake-like, but still very moist. Most people preferred this texture. Everyone also said the Z-Trim cookies were not as sweet as the regular cookies, which was not expected. However, they also said the preferred them over the regular cookies.

We have a fat-free coffee cake recipe that we love, but can be a little dry, especially the next day. We added a small amount of Z-Trim to the recipe to see if it made it moister, and it worked! They were still good a few days later. We haven’t tried it, but we’ve heard that Z-Trim can also be added to lean ground beef recipes to replace the moistness lost when you choose a very lean mixture.

To be honest, replacing the fat in your cookies or cakes will only make a small dent in your daily calories. Our cookies were only reduced by 11 calories per cookie. Unless you have blue fur and live on Sesame Street, then you probably won’t benefit as much from this change. We’d suggest just eating fewer cookies.

The best use for Z-Trim may be to extend and reduce fat in salad dressings, mayonnaise, and similar products. On to our next experiment!

We love spinach dip – who doesn’t! Recipes vary, but we followed one that used a cup of sour cream, a cup of mayonnaise, chopped spinach, water chestnuts, and Knorr soup mix. A two-tablespoon serving contains around 95 calories and 10 grams of fat. We left the sour cream alone, but we replaced half of the mayonnaise with Z-Trim. This dropped the calories down to 62, with just 6 grams of fat. The recipe was still perfect and no one could tell we’d changed anything. Since we must admit that we can’t stop at just two tablespoons of spinach dip, this small change reduced the calories by one third, and one third less guilt means a lot at the end of the day.

Fat-free salad dressings are easy to find, but not everyone likes them. Sometimes the flavor isn’t as good, or the ingredient lists are scary. We usually buy regular dressings and measure very carefully. We decided to combine Z-Trim with with some of our favorite dressings and every test was a success! Instead of replacing the fat in a recipe, adding Z-Trim actually extended purchased dressings so we used less, and it lasted longer. We had good luck with creamy dressings such as Ranch, as well as a good balsamic vinaigrette made with olive oil. We also combined a 3 to 1 mixture of mayonnaise and Z-Trim and couldn’t tell the difference.

The last time we heard a buzz about fat replacers, we were handed Olestra. You know the one – foods made with Olestra are found near the Depends adult diapers. Z-Trim doesn’t have any nasty side effects. The only down side is that you can’t fry with it. And it wouldn’t be much fun to spread it on your toast. Otherwise, it’s a great way to cut the fat and reduce calories in some of your favorite recipes!

To learn more about Z-Trim or to make a purchase visit www.ztrim.com


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  • Lori

    As a Weight Watcher member, I was told that any fiber supplements added to recipes were not supposed to be added in to calculating the points value, so you may want to follow up with Weight Watchers about that. Of course, if the calories and fat are reduced, then the points may be reduced, but the placement of that statement in this article makes it seem like it is the extra fiber that would allow the Weight Watcher member to reduce the points value even more.

  • 3FC

    Thanks, Lori! We’ve edited the statement to clarify it 🙂

  • Donna

    Did you try the z trim capsules that are supposed to help you not feel so hungry? That’s my problem with losing weight-I feel like I’m starving all the time!

  • Dana

    I have been using Z Trim for 2 months now and I love the stuff! If you do nothing and simply use Z Trim (I use it in almost everything), you can have real mayo in your tuna or have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without affecting your weight. If you eat these things and diet, you will continue to lose weight without it hurting your efforts. I make Z Trim “I Can’t Beleive It’s Not Butter” lite. I take a tub of that and I replace a third of it with Z Trim and blend it back up. I then use this in place of anything that calls for butter. You can even sautee with it. It works great in my favorite Good Seasons Italian dressing. I use 1/8 c. of olive oil, 1/4 c. of chicken broth, 1/8 c. of Z Trim gel, and of course the mix, vinegar and water. It turns out perfect and the Z Trim acts as a great emulsifier so it keeps the dressing from seperating. No more guilty pasta salad either!!!


  • Mary

    I want to order some Z Trim. Would you recommend powder or gel? Are the DVD and recipe book necessary? Thanks.


  • Sheryl

    This stuff is amazing.

    I believe that the company, along with most folks truly underestimate this stuff. I use it as a TOTAL fat replacement, not partial, like the company suggests.

    To give you some background, I am on a low fat diet counting fat grams, The T Factor Diet. This is a diet that was popular in the 90’s but out of vogue now, but it works for me. Limiting fat is the only easy method of keeping my weight down. On this diet I eat between 20-40 grams of fat a day. To give you an example of how I use Z Trim: I cook a box of the new whole grain Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, which is low fat before you add fat. Instead of using 1/4 cup margarine, the traditional preparation, I just use 1/4 cup Z trim gel, and 1/3 cup evaporated fat free milk, stirring well. Z Trim gives all the mouth feel of fat, but none of the calories. It is really an amazing product and I hope it catches on. NOBODY can tell the difference between this and regular mac and cheese.

    I found out about Z Trim from you guys! Keep up the great work; this is the best website ever!

  • 3FC

    Donna – No, we didn’t try the capsules. We try to focus on food and exercise, and not supplements. They are all natural, so they may be worth a try if you think something like that would help you.

    Mary – The powder will last for ages and you can prepare just the amount you need on the spot, or you can make up a couple of cups to keep in the fridge if you find that you use it often. We didn’t get the DVD, but a recipe booklet came with our package.

  • Quinner

    I have been using the z-trim gel for about 8 weeks now and lost 10 pounds without doing anything other than mixing it with my food.
    I wanted to let everyone know that it is made from water and fiber and because of the fiber I now feel full instead of wanting to eat something. So I believe a good portion of my weight loss was more because I stop snacking. It is great because you need fiber in your diet and need to cut back on fats.

    Good Luck to everyone.

  • Non-Fat Albert

    I used to be a White Fat Albert, but now after 2 months using Z-Trim. My friends called me Non-Fat Albert or Fat Free Albert….Lost 20 pounds and now I eat much less and with much better taste in my food. I just loved this product. I recommend this to anyone that likes to eat and eventually loose wieght just by replacing fat with Z-Trim.
    GREAT PRODUCT. And the best part is that is totally safe!!!!

  • Cliff

    Stella- I’ll try your mac & cheese idea. I’ve used Z-trim at 50% fat replacement for mac & cheese and that is excellent. I’ve also had luck with 100% replacement in some cookie mixes.

    You can now get the gel at netrition.com. It’s cheaper than direct from z-trim, especially if you buy a bunch, since they have flat-rate shipping. Unfortunately they don’t have the powder yet. GNC just started carrying the capsules.

  • Dana

    You can receive 10% off all Z Trim products and get free recipes at 2lipsnothips.com

  • Diana

    I have been using z-trim for over a year,now — I discovered it online while googling “fiber”. I lost 40 pounds a year ago, and I know it helped! Meat loaf, hamburgers, etc. went from dry and tough when prepared from ultra lean meat to juicy and tender when I started adding z-trim to the meat before preparing it. I also copied my favorite balsamic vinaigrette made by a local Italian restaurant and no one can tell the difference. My perfect formula for making 1 1/2 cups of dressing is to use 1 Tbs of good olive oil and 6 kalamata olives for flavoring, add about 1/2 cup of balsamic vinegar and some herbs, then replace all the rest of the fat with z-trim, saving about a cup of oil. By the way, I recommend the powdered z-trim because it goes a really long way and it’s more versatile.

  • Hilda Walter

    I ordered their starter kit and it’s great…I’ve added it to extra lean ground beef and it was perfect…made lasagna and added it along with ricotta. I’ve also used it in ranch dressing to dip veggies, it tasted great because the flavor was that of full-fat–but not.

  • angela brennan

    Hi, does anyone know how to make up the Z Trim gel from the powder, I mean is there a ratio of powder to water? I obtained a sample of the powder but haven’t used it yet.

  • Norman

    Powder -to- gel (I use this for butter)

    2 cups distilled water
    12 tablespoons Z-Trim powder
    Mix in blender for 5 minutes or so if making butter add
    1 Tablespoon Butter Buds or 1 teaspoon Butter flavor

    In food processor place 4 sticks of very soft butter or margarine
    Add above mixture and blend for 5-8 minutes until mixture looks
    like Whipped butter

    Place in 5 cup container with top and refrigerate

    You now have wonderful butter for any use except frying.

  • Liv

    I guess no one knows where you can get this anymore? I gather from the Z-trim website that they only sell to food manufacturers now. darn.

  • Carol Durkin

    Anyone know how to buy this?

  • Shawn O’Brien

    I love Z-trim, but just received a letter from the company that they are no longer selling to individuals, only companies that use it in their food products. I think 3fatchicks should sell it on their web site if they can buy it in bulk from the company.