Your Natural Diet, Alive Raw Foods

Your Natural Diet was founded by Dr. T.C. Fry and David Klein, and is described in their book, “Your Natural Diet, Alive Raw Foods.” It is a diet that consists mainly of raw fruits, but also promotes vegetables, nuts and seeds.

The Premise

The founders of the diet believe that this is the natural diet which humans originally survived on. They claim that when you return to this diet that you can avoid all modern diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

The Diet

Your Natural Diet encourages you to eat at least 70 to 80 percent fresh fruit. The other 20 to 30 percent should consist of vegetables, seeds, nuts and grains. Root vegetables and grains may be lightly cooked if desired.

The diet provides you with a handy food chart that divides the foods into four different groups. These food groups will help you to see at a glance whether the foods will be tasty in their raw state, the amount of toxins they may contain, whether or not they are easy to digest and absorb, and how nutritious they are. The diet does not include a detailed meal plan, but it does include a food combining chart to help you plan your meals. In addition to eating healthy you are encouraged to engage in exercise at least two times per day in order to promote hunger.

What to Get Excited Over

There are a lot of things to get excited over when switching to Your Natural Diet, as it will basically help you to live a long and healthy life. Not only will you be able to avoid most physical diseases, but your mental capabilities will also improve. You will be able to focus better and retain your memory as you age, according to the creators of the diet.

The diet helps you to obtain proper nutrients so that you can fall into a deep sleep at night, thus allowing you to sleep less, but still feel well rested and energized upon rising. It will also help you to maintain or lose weight by cleaning out and improving your digestive system and by speeding up your metabolism. It even offers tips on how to stop overeating on junk foods that will cause you to gain weight.

Things to Consider

Your Natural Diet is a difficult diet to transition to, as it requires you to avoid almost all the foods that your body is used to. This can result in temporary food withdrawal symptoms such as headaches and fatigue, and can be emotional as well. The diet can be very difficult to follow when it comes to social events such as eating out, potlucks or family dinners.

The Verdict

Your Natural Diet encourages you to consume a high amount of fruits, which may not be suitable for you if your job requires you to sit a lot. However, you can still take part in it by substituting vegetables for some of your fruit servings. Even though it is a difficult diet to transition to, it is a long term diet which you can make a permanent part of your life to avoid disease and to increase your life span. 


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