Your Lunch Thermos: It's Just Not for Oatmeal

While the image of a lunch thermos conjures up the idea of coffee or oatmeal to many people, and harkens back to school days for others, it’s possible to both save money and carry healthy and nutritious foods to your work or other destination in a thermos as well. Many people have found that they eat healthier foods and save money off of purchased lunches if they bring a thermos to work.

Other benefits of using a thermos are that you can keep certain foods cold and others hot. If you have a situation in which you won’t have access to a microwave or other means of heating up a certain food, put it in the thermos and keep it with you until it’s time to eat. Read on for a few alternatives to the standard thermos filler of oatmeal that will provide you with a healthy and nutritious meal or snack while you’re working or traveling.


Soup is a natural choice for a thermos. However, many soups that you’ll buy in canned versions are actually quite unhealthy in many ways. Canned soups are oftentimes full of sodium and low in nutritional content. The best way to ensure that you have a healthy lunch if you bring a soup in a thermos is to make the soup yourself. Use a mild broth like chicken stock or vegetable broth and do not use added salt. Fill the soup with whole grains like rice or barley and plenty fo vegetables. Include a healthy protein source like beans or poultry for added benefits as well.


Chili is good to keep in a thermos because it will remain nice and hot throughout the day. However, some chilis can be unhealthy. Beef chilis typically contian higher levels of fat than other types. Be sure to make your own chili and use lean beef or an alternate protein source. vegetable chilis that include beans as the protein are very healthy and can be a delicious meal in a lunch thermos for you.


Hummus is a good source of protein and a number of other nutrients as well. Chickpeas, the staple ingredient inside of hummus, are chock full of different benefits. However, hummus can be full of fat as a result of high levels of olive oil and other types of oils as well. Purchase light hummus or make your own at home, and be sure to bring plenty of vegetables to dip into it as well.

Other Dips

Many other dips will be stored easily in a thermos. Bring them along with you as well as fruits and vegetables to use for dipping. Beware of certain types of dips that might be high in fat, however. Always choose the lighter version if your’e looking to have the healthiest lunch thermos filler. You can also make your own dips in order to adequately control the levels of salt and fat that you include in the dip too.


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