Your Cardio Heart Rate & Fat Burning Zones

In the same way that not all diets are created equal, all exercise is not the same, and that is why your cardio heart rate is so important. With all the focus that goes into complicated diet plans and strenuous workout regimes, it is easy to forget just how important your cardio fat burning zone is when you are trying to burn fat. Anytime you are engaged in a physical activity, you should pay close attention to your cardio pulse rate. Getting that rate into the target zone is the key for maximizing your fat burning capability.

Calculating Your Cardio Heart Rate

The good news is that keeping track of your cardio heart rate does not have to be as complicated as it might seem. The formula is actually quite simple, and you will not even need a calculator. Take the number 220 and minus your age from it. That is what your maximum cardio heart rate. Pushing beyond this number can really over test the limits of your body. Your target cardio heart rate is roughly about 70 to 85 percent of this maximum heart rate number. At this rate, you will be burning the maximum number of calories in the perfect cardio heart rate zone.

Cardio Heart Rate and Weight Loss

You’re probably wondering how this pertains to you and your weight loss goals. Pushing yourself as hard as you can through a 100 meter race is not as beneficial as a lengthy power walk around your neighborhood. A quick sprint will get your cardio heart rate up really high, but only for a short time. This does not give your body enough time to really perform any fat burning. However, if you go for a bike ride or engage in a steady power walk for 30-60 minutes, your heart rate will be in the target zone, and you will be burning more fat for a longer period of time.

All in all, this is good news that you can literally take to heart. Engage in a steady, reliable physical activity that you are comfortable doing for a good length of time. You do not have to sprint as fast as you can down the street to try and impress the neighbors. Weight loss is often about baby steps.


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