Yoga Pilates Training Basics

Learning yoga Pilates training basics is a great way to combine fitness health, spiritual growth, and personal well-being together to create a strong core being.  It’s a discipline that, in combination, provides the best of strength, weight loss and mental clarity.


If you have decided to seek certification or training in yoga or Pilates, or the combination of both, there are some things you must know and practice first.  Certification in either practice usually requires over one hundred hours of training in addition to months of personal practice.  It takes much less time to personally benefit, but you should understand yoga and Pilates as practices before you begin.

There is always a call for quality yoga instruction, as more people understand the benefit to calming the inside while exercising the outside of the body.  Now that there is the option of being certified as yoga Pilate’s instructor, the call is even greater. 

Yoga Basics

The practice and teachings of yoga can be traced back at least 5,000 years from India, where it was widely used as part of their Ayurvedic healing.  What is commonly practiced in the western part of the world is called Hatha Yoga, which in a nutshell, is the physically fluid postures of yoga.  These poses, along with meditation, tend to create an overall wellness of mind, body and spirit.  This hardly encompasses all of the true elements of what yoga is, but suffices for the basics.

Pilates Basics

The idea of Pilates was actually created by Joseph Pilate during World War I.  Pilates focuses more on building strength and utilizes balls, flexible bands and sometimes even expensive Pilate’s equipment, such as the reformer which can cost up to $1,000.  Pilates is more resistance focused and will build the body quicker because of the resistance.

Yoga Pilates

The combination of using yoga and Pilates together for weight loss and general well-being is becoming more and more popular in the western part of the world. 

Both yoga and Pilates work to strengthen the body at its core, which naturally creates more energy and fluidity.  Many in the profession of dancing use this combination of exercises, which reduces the chance of injury; in fact this combination builds important muscle tone, a benefit to anyone.

Yoga and Pilates work in combination together to create better posture and improve circulation.  These benefits are also inadvertently a preventative method for certain illnesses and diseases. 



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