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There’s been a buzz about Yoga Booty Ballet on our forum for a long time. Most of the members that have tried it say they found it addictive and own every DVD in the collection. We noticed that the members ranged in all sizes, so it sounded like a good option all around. The Yoga Booty Ballet program is led by two fitness experts, Gillian Marloth and Teigh McDonough. These two chicks are peppy, energetic, and look fantastic! They look like they are barely 30 years old, so we were surprised to learn they are over 40! We tried their latest DVD set, Goddess Abs and AM Latte.

A.M. Latte is designed to jump start your day. I’m not sure why I expected a soothing, stretching yoga routine – maybe because I’m used to lazy mornings, gently waking up over a real latte while my masseur begins to – OK, strike that. I usually start my day with coffee and email, and don’t have the energy to exercise until at least 11am. A.M. Latte turned out to be a very energetic workout that was fun way to start the day, whether at 7am or 11am! Everything about this workout was unexpected. The workout started out slow, and you can do it from your bed if you want. But don’t be fooled, you WILL get a workout. Some of it was downright silly at times, but in a fun way. I made faces and slapped myself all over! That part was easy, but then I was instructed to hop out of bed. It progressed into a fast dance routine that was a little tricky for my two left feet to follow at first, but I believe that with practice, even I can get the hang of it. Gillian and Teigh move through the entire routine fluidly, without stopping to instruct us along the way. I’d suggest watching the DVD first, then give it a shot and follow along.

Goddess Abs is a 20 minute workout that is challenging, but guaranteed to deliver! If you are very large or out of shape, you may have problems following along at first. Hang in there and do what you can, and you’ll eventually get those Goddess Abs! Once again, the Booty Gurus are full of happy energy and make the routine fun enough to encourage you to come back and try it again.

If you aren’t ready for this level of energy and endurance, you might try the Yoga Booty Ballet Light and Easy DVD which is great for beginners. Either way, it will be easy to see why this program is so popular! If you are interested in trying it, you can buy most of the DVDs from Amazon at a great price 🙂


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