Yoga Blocks: Are They Necessary to Buy?

Whether you are a beginning yogi, or an advanced practicer, a yoga block can aid in your practice by making stretches and poses possible that you wouldn’t be able to do without assistance.

What Is a Yoga Block?

A yoga block is a rectangular piece of foam, wood or cork used to help you perform more advanced poses. There are also a variety of sizes, so choose one that helps you work into various poses.

Do You Need a Yoga Block?

If you are a yoga novice, a block, or even two will help you get the most out of your stretches, lengthening muscles and helping you advance your practice at a quicker pace. Placing the blocks under your hands in the Downward Facing Dog position, for example, will help you maintain proper body alignment while stretching shoulders, back and hamstrings properly.

If you are a more advanced exerciser, you can benefit from the use of the block as well.  Even non-yogis may find that it is a great investment. Use the block to balance, either on foot or on your backside, to create instability. You will strengthen your core and improve balance and concentration with the use of this simple piece of equipment. Continue to bring the block back into your practice when you try new poses to make them more effective and to practice perfect stretches.

The more expensive end of yoga blocks run less than $20, and are a cheap and effective way to advance your practice.


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