Wrist Exercises to Help Prevent Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel syndrome is pain, tingling and other problems in the hand and wrist. But with a few wrist exercises, the pain can be reduced and even prevented.  This pain does not have to be a bother forever but if these exercises do not help the pain, the advice and guidance of a doctor will be needed.

Cause of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The pain and issues that contribute to carpal tunnel syndrome all have to do with the median nerve.  The median nerve is what controls the movement and the feeling in your thumb and first three fingers.  The pinky finger is controlled elsewhere.  When pressure is placed on the median nerve, pain is radiated through the wrist, thumb and those three fingers.

The chances of getting carpal tunnel syndrome will increase if you do activities that are repetitive in nature or very forceful.  This includes activities such as knitting, typing, or playing an instrument.  The continued use of vibrating equipment, such as a sander or a jackhammer, can also be a cause of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Staying Healthy

By following a few healthy steps and doing a few exercises, the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome can be reduced or prevented entirely.  By keeping your body healthy, staying at a healthy weight, eating right and exercising, the chances of carpal tunnel will go down as well.

Wrist Stretches

Wrist stretches help to keep the wrist loose and limber.  Raise your wrists up, lower them down.  Rotate your wrists in a few wrist circles.  Bend your wrist from side to side.  Getting them loosened up will get them ready to do exercises and prevent any further damage.

Extension and Straighten

Start with the wrists flat.  Extend the wrists and the fingers up as if you are going to push against a wall.  Hold this position for five seconds.  Bring the wrists and fingers back flat.  Hold this position for five seconds.  Repeat this at least five more times.

Fist Exercises

Begin by making a tight fist with both hands.  Keeping the fists tight, bend the wrists down.  Hold this position for five seconds.  Bring the wrists back to flat and hold here for five seconds.  Bend the wrists up and hold for five seconds.  Hold here for five seconds.  Repeat these three positions at least five times.

Hand Strengtheners

If doing basic exercises without weights or resistance does not feel like it is doing anything for you, there are basic machines and tools that you can buy.  These are found at many sporting good stores and department stores.  These are created to fit into your hand.  All you do is set the resistance you want and squeeze.  Start with a small resistance and work your way up.  You do not want to overdo it and cause more damage.  If you can not find these hand grip machines, a stress ball will have the same effect. With a few simple hand and wrist exercises, the pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome can be reduced or even eliminated.


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