Workouts after 30: How to Adjust

Although you might not want to admit it, your body does go through some changes after 30. A slower metabolism, growing family and the mortgage can all weigh in on your desire to engage in an exercise program, and sometimes it seems like there are not enough hours in the day to keep active and healthy. The concerns of the family and job can overtake time spent in the gym.

Always Find Time

With more time spent in the workforce, many people hit their 30s with increased responsibilities in life and at work, and longer hours at a job – whether that job is at home or at a traditional workplace – can wreak havoc on free time. When your job has you getting up before the sun rises, it might seem as though adding exercise to your daily grind would require the use of a 30 hour day.

But, finding the time to squeeze in healthy activities each day doesn’t mean you need to set aside several hours for an exercise plan. If you are responsible for putting more than 40 hours of work in a week at a job, consider looking for a gym or park that’s close to work. Many times it’s easier to go to the gym or get active before you return home for the evening than it is to come home and then toss on your workout clothes.

Use the Buddy System

Finding a friend with whom you can share a regular exercise routine can be a huge motivator for keeping active. Making exercise a social event can be key to helping you put on those workout clothes each day. Additionally, involving more than one friend for a group activity, such as weekly softball games or beach volleyball, can allow you to get excited about exercise and keeping fit.

Additionally, a spouse or partner can be invaluable in helping you to keep active on a regular basis when you find activities both of you enjoy. Whether it’s spotting one another at the bench press at the gym (where you can meet up after work) or taking a morning run together, you’ll be spending time with your one-and-only and helping to keep one another fit and active.

Involve the Kids

With the hours and constant demands of a growing family on the minds of many couples in their 30s, finding the time to stay active doesn’t mean you need to find a babysitter and plan months in advance for some exercise time. Nor does it mean that your activities should involve just the adults, even if you don’t have kids of your own.

Finding activities that the entire family can enjoy will help you to not only keep yourself active, but will allow you to spend important time with your kids while introducing them to the health benefits of an active lifestyle. Neighborhood parks, the beach, and places such as your local YMCA can serve as great locations for regular active get-togethers for the entire family.


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