Women's Only Fitness: 5 Reasons It's So Popular

Women’s only fitness is the newest trend in the increasingly individualized diet and exercise industry.  In society that puts so much emphasis on personalization, it should come as no surprise that smart and independent women have finally started demanding more adequate fitness options. Why is women’s only fitness so much better than what you’d get at a regular gym?

1. It’s Natural to be Self-conscious. 

Many women that attend an open gym find themselves concentrating more on who and what is around them and less on having an effective workout.  One of the reasons many women workout is because they are insecure about their bodies and want to improve them.  Regular gyms create something of a vicious circle because they seem to put you and your imperfect body on display (making it hard for you to find the confidence to return to the gym to make the changes necessary to find physical confidence).  A for women only gym takes some of the pressure out of the environment.

2. Women do Better with Support

If you’ve ever attended a women only workout, then you know how much positive energy is generated by a group of supportive women with the same goal.  A women’s fitness gym takes this energy and expands on it by combining a support group mentality with a fitness focus.

3. Women have Different Fitness Needs

Because men are still the majority at regular gyms, these operations tend to invest more in male-oriented workout equipment (like free weights and machines designed to build muscle).  Women’s only fitness centers are outfitted with machines designed specifically to optimize the natural strengths of women.

4. Women Appreciate Attention to Detail

Atmosphere can play a big role in a woman’s ability to focus, relax, or get motivated.  The wide-open minimalist design of some of the more popular commercial gyms was certainly NOT created by a woman.  Studies have shown that women respond much better to the soft lines and bright colors featured at women’s fitness gyms.  Everything at these gyms is oriented to appeal to typical female sensibilities, from the ergonomically customized stations to the color scheme to the music.

5. Women Want a Good Value

Women tend to put a lot of thought into investment decisions.  If you buy an annual membership at a gym, and discover you’re uncomfortable there within the first week, then you’re going to be out a lot of money!  Women that choose a women’s fitness gym believe that it’s worth the extra money to join a gym they actually want to spend time at. 



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