Women's Fitness: Tips For Healthy Living

Women’s fitness tips are not being kept as secrets, and most women enjoy sharing these tips with other women. They enjoy teaching others how they have become healthier and more fit. They are proud of their success, and they like to see other women achieve success as well. Some of the tips can be found in fitness magazines, fitness websites, and fitness DVD’s. Yet, many of the tips are just shared from woman to woman, such as the following tips:

Women’s Fitness Tip #1:  Mix up Your Workouts

A good rule is not to do the same fitness routine every day. If you do the same routine every day, you will become bored, and your body will also become used to the routine. This will mean you will eventually hit a plateau where you won’t see continued results.  

You should mix up your routines; one day you might want to do aerobics and the next day you might want to concentrate on weight training. Yes, women’s weight training is a growing part of most women’s fitness routines. Women have found that muscles are just as important to them as they are to men. Muscles keep their bodies looking lean and fit, and they also give women strength.

Some other exercises to throw into the mix are flexibility routines such as yoga and Pilates.

Women’s Fitness Tip #2: Dress the Part

Women’s fitness clothes aren’t a waste of money; they are an essential part of a woman’s fitness routine.  First, putting on the clothes reminds the woman of her objective. Secondly, the clothes give her body the support it needs in all the right places. Finally, fitness clothes make a woman look good and can be comfortable, if you buy the right sized clothes (not too big and not too tight).

Women’s Fitness Tip #3:  Exercise with a Friend

Women’s fitness is more fun and more challenging when shared with a friend. Friends who sweat together may actually lose more weight, and they will stick with the program longer than those who try to do it alone.

Women’s Fitness Tip #4:  Keep Up with the Trends

Read the women’s fitness magazines, watch some of those infomercials, and check out the many fitness websites to keep up the ever growing women’s fitness trends. This is the best way to learn what is new and hip in exercise.

Women’s Fitness Tip #5:  Drink Plenty of Water

When you exercise, you should be sweating. This means your body is using up stored water. This is a good thing, but remember to replenish this water. Your body needs plenty of water to function properly and provide you with the energy needed to function.

Women’s fitness is as important as men’s fitness. Active women have the energy to tackle every day stresses, fight off diseases, and be more productive. Plus, there is the added bonus of looking good with all of those lean, sculptured muscles!



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