Winter Clothes: How Boots, Scarves and Jackets Can Show off Your Curves

Winter clothes don’t have to cover you from head to toe, covering the curves and body shape you’ve worked so hard to get. However, most women feel that winter clothes make them look frumpy and even bulk them up too much. Because of this reason, a lot of unnecessary suffering is experienced when it comes to dressing properly for the cold winter months. There is no reason to spend time cold and miserable just to look good. In fact, you can make scarves, sweaters and even jackets work in your favor. Consider using these tips and tricks to show your figure off while staying warm this winter.


You can make jackets for you in a few different ways. The first step is to make sure that whatever jacket you do choose fits properly. This is important because if it’s even slightly too big it can make you look bulkier than you really are. If it’s a little too small, it may cause a similar effect in making you look heavier than you are.

Choose a jacket that accentuates your curves the right way. If you tend to have a lot of curves at the hips, choose a jacket that hangs shorter than your waist if possible. For those that deal with a little extra weight around their middle, a little longer jacket might be most appropriate as long as it doesn’t drape.


Winter clothes don’t have to be big and bulky to keep you warm. The addition of scarves into your wardrobe may even limit your need for a full jacket which is very helpful in making sure that you can show off your curves in the right way. There are many different sizes, colors and styles to choose from when purchasing scarves, which can be a little daunting but it doesn’t have to be.

Although bright colors and designs may seem attractive to you at the store, it’s best to stick with solid colors that compliment the color scheme of your clothes instead of adding to it. Think dark colors like black, navy blue and grey when you are wearing brighter clothes, and lighter colors such as light blue, purple and pink to help lighten up darker outfits. Shorter scarves will help outline the shoulders and abdomen area, while longer options will help drape the body and bring attention to the lower extremities of the body.


Believe it or not, winter clothes like boots can play a big role in showing off your curves in the right way. It’s pretty simply to choose the right boots for your body type by following a couple of pretty simple rules. Try to avoid wearing boots that are brighter than your clothes, as this will always draw attention from top to bottom (bringing attention to all aspects of your body). Instead, choose darker boots that tend to blend in with the clothes you wear. Short women should choose shorter boots to help maximize length, while taller women can get away with higher rise boots because they can accommodate for that lost length.


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