Will the Fat Smash Diet Work for Me?

If you are interested in changing your lifestyle and really improving your quality of life, the fat smash diet may be the thing to help you take that step. Made famous on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club, this diet is not a quick fix, but rather a lifestyle change that involves healthy eating and lots of exercise.

Fat Smash Diet Basics

The diet plan includes a long list of low-calorie foods to enjoy, many to avoid and over 50 recipes and tips that are meant to help dieters change their unhealthy eating behaviors. The diet is not complicated and is meant to teach participants the easy way to choose the right foods that will help them with weight loss.

The Fat Smash Diet is divided into four phases that take place over a 90-day period. During Phase 1, you detox your body for 9 days by significantly reducing calories and drinking lots of water to flush your body. You are told to eat 4 to 5 meals daily whether you are hungry or not, and skipping meals is not allowed. The diet during this time is a vegetarian, one filled with vegetables, fruits, beans and some dairy.

A 3-week Phase 2 follows where lean meats and a few other foods are introduced back into the diet. Phase 3 and 4 follow where even more foods are introduced, including pasta, bread, wine, beer and pizza. By this time, the accompanying ideas of exercise, portion control and eating 4 to 5 times daily have been thoroughly instilled.

Fat Smash Diet Outcome

The Fat Smash Diet includes regular physical activity that is meant to continue for the rest of your life. At the end of 90 days, the plan is that you can make better choices, exercise regularly and lose weight. The diet includes no calorie counting, but instead shows you how to just balance your eating naturally.

If you want to change your eating habits, this is just the diet to get you started. By teaching how to eat healthy, the diet sets you up with the tools to be successful in weight loss and maintenance. It has become a widely popular and effective method for losing weight and may be right for you.


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