Will I Have Excess Skin after My Weight Loss?

No one wants to be rewarded for losing weight by having excess skin to show for it. Not everyone has excess skin after weight loss, but will you?

What Causes Excess Skin?

Excess skin is the result of losing weight too fast. Your skin has a certain amount of elasticity and losing weight rapidly does not allow it enough time to adjust appropriately to your new body shape. This effect is most often seen in the abdomen area because that’s where people usually have the most weight to lose.

Excess skin can also be the result of weight loss surgery, such as gastric bypass surgery. It may produce a drastic change to your food intake that can result in rapid weight loss. An overly-enthusiastic exercise regimen can lead to similar results too. Also, adhering to an unreasonable diet can end up producing the kind of weight loss that would produce excess skin.

Prevention of Excess Skin

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, especially in this case. This means checking with your doctor regarding how your proposed method of weight loss surgery will effect your skin afterward. It also means being reasonable about your exercise regimen and eating sensibly. Eating sensibly means eating enough for your body to experience a healthy rate of weight loss.

Treatment of Excess Skin

If you’ve already got excess skin or you suspect it may be starting to form, there are measures you can take to avoid that dreaded result. As always, it is important to try to start these measures as soon as possible, as there is a much higher chance of success in the early stages.

First and foremost, you can revitalize elasticity in your skin by exfoliating it. Exfoliating is the removal of dead skin and can be done both manually with an abrasive scrub, or it can be done chemically by dissolving dead skin. In either case, the removal of that dead layer of skin will help to maintain the skin’s elasticity when a new layer is produced.

This should be followed by generous moisturizing with lotions. An extract such as aloe vera may be helpful in this role, as it is suspected of inducing collagen production, which is directly responsible for skin elasticity.

It is also helpful to exercise the muscle groups in the areas where excess skin might be expected to form. This way, when the weight is lost, the underlying muscle will be there to offset the loss of form from fat.

Finally, there is always the option of surgery. Cosmetic surgery has seen major advancements in the last few decades and there are procedures to surgically correct excess skin as well. Of course, this could end up being an expensive option, but it may be worth it so that you may look your best.

Whether you have excess skin after weight loss will depend on the preventative measures you take and the treatment options you follow.


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