Will An FDA Approved Weight Loss Pill Work Better?

It is difficult to tell whether an FDA approved weight loss pill will provide better results, but it is certain that it promotes healthy weight loss. The other pills may help you to burn fat faster, but their effectiveness is not sustained by studies. Moreover, they can lead to serious adverse reactions. 

What Makes an FDA Approved Weight Loss Pill Safer?

In order to be approved by FDA, a weight loss pill must not contain undeclared, active pharmaceutical ingredients. At the moment, FDA’s list of tainted weight loss products includes 72 items. These are deemed unsafe because they can cause side effects such as:

  • hypertension
  • increased heart rate
  • palpitations 
  • heart attack 
  • stroke

More than that, some tainted supplements may also contain phenolphthalein, a substance that is suspected of causing cancer.

Over-the-Counter Medication Versus Prescription Medication

Over-the-counter medication that addresses overweight has been certified by FDA as being safe. Prescription-based diet pills may also be approved by this authority, but their effects need to be backed-up by hard evidence. Prescription pills are known to have stronger effects and are recommended only if dieting and over-the-counter weight pills do not burn fat as much or as fast as expected.

Choosing Safety Over Hazardous Adverse Reactions 

When people have to choose, they are highly recommended to take the FDA approved weight loss pill, because this certification is based on high standards. This way, it is assured that the medication does not pose a threat to your health when you try to lose the extra pounds.


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