Why You're Having Trouble Keeping Weight Off

Keeping weight off is a struggle for many people. Globally, nearly 1.5 billion adults are overweight. The reasons behind excessive weight gain may include poor eating habits, insufficient exercise and/or health issues. If you are struggling to keep weight off, here are a few considerations.

Eating Patterns

For many people, keeping weight off is a matter of limiting calories and getting enough exercise. Some eating habits make this difficult. For example, do you eat breakfast? Skipping breakfast is often linked to overcompensating with larger meals later in the day. It is healthier to eat a nutritious breakfast first thing in the morning to get your metabolism going and to avoid excessive snacking or eating larger lunches and dinners.

Emotional Eating

One of the reasons behind weight gain is emotional eating. This is when you eat for reasons other than hunger. You are engaging in emotional eating when you eat because you are stressed, sad or bored. Some foods do elevate your mood. It is common for people to have their favorite comfort foods such as chocolate, potato chips or pizza. Unfortunately, many comfort foods are rich in unhealthy fats and high in calories.

To overcome emotional eating, always ask yourself when you open the fridge or go in search of food whether you are truly hungry. Keeping a food journal will help you to get to the core of issues. You may notice patterns in eating. For example, maybe you always eat before a stressful work activity. Identifying the emotions behind the desire to eat will allow you to replace eating with an alternate activity that will make you feel better without adding unnecessary calories to your diet.

Regular Exercise

Exercise is very important for your health and for your weight loss efforts. Getting into the habit of exercising for a half hour at least a few times per week will help to boost your metabolism, build muscles and burn more calories.

If you tend to avoid exercise, ask yourself why that is. It may be that you need to find an exercise buddy or choose a fitness activity that you enjoy. Also, if you haven’t been exercising, choose an activity that you can do without too much discomfort. Start slowly. Set achievable goals so that you can sustain the activity long term.

Health Issues

Health issues are sometimes the reason behind an inability to keep weight off. If you suspect this may be the issue, be sure to consult a physician. An improperly functioning thyroid may be behind weight gain in absence of extra calories.

Also, if you are not digesting fats and proteins properly, this may be another reason for difficulty in losing weight. Sometimes the inability to digest protein will lead to sugar cravings. When you bring your digestion back into balance, it is possible for such cravings to disappear.

Keeping weight off can be challenging. However, examining your eating patterns, keeping a food journal, incorporating regular exercise and staying on top of any health issues will go a long way in helping you achieve your weight loss goals.


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