Why Your Diet Pills Should Be FDA Approved

More and more people are beginning to turn to diet pills as a quick way to lose weight, but what these people don’t realize is that most over the counter weight loss pills aren’t regulated by the FDA, and therefore not only may be ineffective in producing weight loss, but may be dangerous for your general health. This article discusses reasons why diet pills should be FDA approved.

Diet Pills Don’t Always Contain What They Claim to Contain

One of the main reasons that over the counter diet pills are so dangerous is that they are not tested or regulated by the FDA–and therefore, don’t have to give an exact ingredient list. Instead, many of these pills simply contain labels that say “contains vitamins, herbs, and antioxidants which have been proven to burn fat and help you lose weight,” but don’t actually say what exactly is in the pill. Say, for example, that the pills contain a product to which you have an allergy, and since it doesn’t state the ingredient list on the label, you take the pills without a second thought–and subsequently may experience severe health problems.

Secondly, since these pills don’t undergo any testing, there is no proof that they actually do what they claim to do, and help you lose weight. Therefore, you can spend tons of money on these pills will nothing to show for it.

Diet Pills Can Be Deadly

As stated above, unlike prescription medications, diet pills do not undergo any type of research or testing by either the FDA or any other governing body–and therefore, these pills can have serious undiagnosed health consequences including death. Up until a few years ago, Ephedra was a popular over-the-counter weight loss pill that was touted as being a magic cure for weight loss. While the pill did actually cause some people to lose weight, the mechanisms by which this weight loss occurred resulted in an exceeding high heart rate that actually caused heart attacks and death in some users.

Since then, Ephedra has not only been taken off the market, but has been banned for use in any over the counter medication in the United States. While there have not yet been any cases as serious as those involving Ephedra, it is only a matter of time before we begin to see similar results because of the use of unregulated, over the counter weight loss pills.

Consult with Your Doctor

While it is recommended to consult with your doctor, nurse or health care provider before starting to take any type of over the counter supplement, it is especially important before taking diet pills because of the reasons discussed above. If you are generally interested in achieving weight loss, your doctor may be able to provide you with a prescription medication that has been tested and approved for use on weight loss. These prescriptions are generally much safer and have better results than over-the-counter diet pills.


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