Why You Lose More Weight When You Exercise with Friends

Exercise friends can be invaluable when you’re trying to lose weight. Working out with people whose company you enjoy can really make a difference. Many people find that when they exercise with friends, they reach their weight loss goals faster, and enjoy the process much more.

Enjoying the Process

As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun. This is especially true when you exercise with friends. Choose workout buddies with whom you have a lot in common. You’ll find that cycling or hiking with a good friend can be a lot of fun. When you are done, you may find that you were having so much fun that you didn’t notice how hard your body was working out. No one says that burning calories has to be a chore.

Sharing Dieting Goals

Working out with friends who share a similar weight loss goal is very helpful. Choose someone who is at or near your own fitness level. You may start out walking around the block together. Each day you can add a few steps to that goal. When you have a shared goal, you can celebrate together as you reach each milestone.

Staying Motivated

Exercising with friends is great for staying motivated. There will be some days when you just don’t feel like getting out of bed early to go and exercise. Just knowing that your friend will be waiting for you will motivate you to keep your commitment to both your friend and your workout goal.

Reducing Stress

Dieting and the changes you have to make in your diet and lifestyle to meet your weight loss goals can potentially be stressful. When you exercise with friends, you have someone to talk to. Maybe you work out at the gym in side-by-side treadmills and you have a chance to talk to your friend about your food cravings or the stress you are feeling related to your dieting. Good friends can be very helpful in offering a supportive ear and sharing good advice. You can also do that for them when they are having bad days.

Maintaining the Exercise Habit

Once you have reached your ideal weight, it may be easy to go back to old ways of eating or inactivity. Getting into a habit of working out with friends will keep you consistent. You can maintain a workout routine that is not only fun and engaging but is also instrumental in preventing yo-yo dieting. Exercising with friends can also be a great way to make a long-term change in sedentary habits. For example, you may find that you are much happier spending your evenings walking briskly and laughing with your friends than watching television.

To conclude, exercising with friends is a great way to march faster toward your weight loss goals. Good friends can be very supportive when you are feeling unmotivated and can also nudge you along to keep you focused on your goals. Dieting can be stressful and lonely. Exercising with friends makes it a lot more fun.


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