Why Winsor Pilates Is A Beneficial Program

Winsor Pilates is a success because it works. This program guarantees it will reshape, tone, and slim your body and backs it up with credible endorsements.  Daisy Fuentes, a former MTV personality, hailed Winsor Pilates and its founder, Mari Winsor, as the means to which she reshaped her body. Her success story and positive claims lead many to the Winsor facility in Hollywood, gaining additional exposure for other aspects of the Winsor Pilates program.   

Mari Winsor

Mari Winsor, trained in traditional Pilates, is the creator of Winsor Pilates, which is known for its weight loss, body sculpting, and abdominal workout videos for the home. Additionally, she developed dynamic sequencing, which is a combination of traditional Pilates exercises done in a specific order and rhythm that promises maximum results. This is an intense program and is not a match for those looking for traditional Pilates or rehabilitation. What you will get are highly produced and motivating workouts.

Daisy Fuentes Pilates

Daisy Fuentes, a former student of Mari Winsor, has joined forces with Nintendo Wii to create an exer-game that promises to tone, strengthen, and reshape your body from your home. The exer-game, Stretch it out with Daisy Fuentes Pilates for Wii, is due out in late summer of 2009. Packed with customized workouts, fitness tracking, coaching, and interactive feedback, this new Nintendo venture is breaking new ground in home fitness. The exer-game is making some big promises and only time will tell if this new fitness gaming craze turns at-home and telecommuting moms into the next generation of fitness divas.

Supreme Pilates

The Supreme Pilates Training System, developed by Ellen Croft, has created an advanced Pilates equipment program that can be used at home without a certified instructor. The system includes a Pilates mat and the Supreme Pilates Machine designed specifically for this program. An instructional DVD demonstrates the use of the machine and the Pilates exercises. The package also includes a fitness manual, a Supreme Slimming Eating Guide, and a bonus, the Winsor Pilates Dynamic Sequencing video produced by Mari Winsor. 

Fitness is evolving as it should, as we gain more knowledge in exercise science. Companies are competing now more than ever to gain your confidence in their products. Whether they do that by combining products, introducing new ones, or revamping old ones, there is much to be gained by all. This type of partnering and innovation is demanding a new look at home fitness, and it’s possible that Pilates fitness could be getting a makeover in the next few years.


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  • Christina Supat

    I lost the cookbook that came with my videos. It is the book that has female/male meals for I think 10 days, which included breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and then another snack menus for each day. The book is small, a little larger than a checkbook.

    How can I get a replacement?

    I took it with me to the grocery store to buy the menu ingredients and lost it. I even called the store but no one turned it in to lost and found.