Why Vegan Books Can Mislead You

Creating a vegan book, like many other diet and lifestyle books, often involves a writer or a group of like minded individuals compiling opinionated information. Vegan diets often become associated with lifestyle choices and moral reasoning, not just food selection.

Diet Book versus Philosophy Lesson

In some cases, vegan books portray the overall subjective knowledge and ideas presented in a format that recommends food choice. Vegan diets include natural foods, but not animal products or animal byproducts including eggs, dairy products or honey. The vegan lifestyle overlaps with a vegetarian diet and a philosophical mindset which could cause major life changes. Determining what defines right and wrong in life has little to do with achieving a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition taught by a book. By completely buying into the information presented in strict vegan lesson books, one may find themselves caught between philosophical decisions and what to eat at the same time. Valuable information provided in vegan books often proves beneficial to those seeking an alternative diet and lifestyle. However, learning about proper nutrition from sources that do not impose or present strict rules regarding the human race and nature provides a more suitable option for most people.


Lifestyle choices should not get “forced” through books, especially those designed to help determine proper nutrition and food options. Have a healthy diet through the consumption of nutritionally dense foods and by following an exercise regimen. Allowing either of these things to happen does not require one or the other to be eliminated, or for both to overlap. A vegan book or any other written piece of information regarding diet does not hold the power to determine the degree of rightness and wrongness between lifestyles.


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