Why the Color Black is so Slimming

Finally, you might have an excuse to buy that signature black slimming dress you’ve been dreaming about. Wearing black might not make those extra pounds disappear, but you can trick the eye into believing they have.

One-Color Only

As a general rule, dressing from head to toe in a single color will instantly make you look slimmer. This is because wearing one color gives you a straight vertical line to look at and doesn’t emphasize any particular areas. When you wear more than one color, the eye is instantly attracted to where the break occurs, which is usually around the waist.

The Slimming Power of Black

Black increases that slimming illusion because it does not reflect light. Other colors are affected by light, projecting reflections or casting shadows in areas where your body curves or the material bends and wrinkles. Black, on the other hand, doesn’t have this effect, so any imperfections remain hidden under the clothes. In short, black is a very effective color for hiding bulges, lumps and bumps. White highlights all shadows, making bulges and lumps prominent and causing the exact opposite effect of wearing black.


The slimming effect of black is somewhat diminished if you wear shiny materials like Lycra, satin or sequins. The shine on the clothes will produce reflections and sometimes shadows, depending on the type of cloth. It’s also important to remember that the slimming illusion of black only works from the back or front. If you stand sideways, the shape of your body becomes evident again.


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