Why Small Group Fitness Training May Be For You

Small group fitness training can be a great option when you want to enjoy more personalized attention, but spend less money than working directly with a personal trainer. Small group classes are offered in a variety of formats from yoga, Pilates, weight training, and boot camps (among others), and they can provide much more focused attention to the participant’s goals than traditional large classes.

What Small Group Fitness Classes Entail

Small group classes generally have 4 to 6 participants under the coaching of a personal trainer. These small groups most times have a specific activity in mind, as opposed to general fitness. Also, often included in the price of training is a personally tailored exercise program and pre-training consultation (as if you were working one-on-one with a trainer). However, during workouts, the attention of the trainer will be divided amongst all participants of the class.

Is Small Group Fitness Training for You?

If you are motivated by personal attention, and enjoy having someone there to ensure that you are doing the exercises correctly, small group classes may be the option for you. Compared to a personal trainer, small group fitness is a great saving, and you can still experience tons of encouraging personal attention!


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