Why Sandbags are Good for Workouts

Sandbags are good for working out because they are an inexpensive way to build muscle. More muscles means less fat, and no expensive equipment to buy means more money saved. Sandbags, traditionally, have been used by men, but women can also benefit from using smaller sandbags during their strength training regimen.

Shifting the Weight

Weight can be shifted with sandbags, making them even more appealing for people who want more pounds added. The shift in the weight allows for starting small and working your way up to more pounds by adding more sandbags. This is done with homemade sandbags by adding individual bags of sand to the rest, or removing a few from the bunch for a lighter weight.

Where to Buy Sandbags

If you do not want to make your own, you can also purchase sandbags. The manufactured exercise bags filled with sand are better constructed to ensure less chance of breaking them open. Online stores offer these sandbags and the price ranges from $19 on up. It is recommend that you purchase sandbags that are made for weight training and not the ones used to trap water, as this type has less structure and will break easier. 


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