Why Pilates Fitness Should Supplement Your Workout Regimen

Your body’s core will benefit from regular Pilates fitness and help contribute to improvements in your total fitness program. A comprehensive fitness program should include aerobics, resistance, flexibility training, and a healthy eating plan. Pilates exercises target the core (abdominal) muscles and elongate the entire muscular system, which increases your overall flexibility. A strong core is the foundation to building greater aerobic endurance, increasing muscle tone and functional strength.

Aerobic Benefits

Engaging in a variety of aerobic activities is the best way to avoid getting into a rut. A strong core built from Pilates will enable you to move from one type of aerobic activity to a new one with less of a learning curve. Your body will easily move through a variety of new movements because your core will be strong at all angles. There will also be less risk to injury and loss of aerobic conditioning during the learning phase.

Flexibility Benefits

The increased flexibility that results from regular Pilates cannot be overlooked. The greater your range of motion, the more your muscles benefit. Being able to apply resistance training at all angles to the muscle is critical to proper muscle development and total body symmetry (balanced size of duplicate body parts). Pilates exercises elongate the muscle by requiring you to put tension on the tendons and ligaments. This sustained resistance not only increases flexibility, but strengthens the connection between muscle, bones, and internal organs. 

Functional Strength Benefits

Having the strength to pick up 100 pounds is not the same as being able to pick it up and place it somewhere else. This is called functional strength. Pilates fitness challenges every muscle in the body in a functional way.  Breaking away from the fitness equipment in the gym to take a Pilates mat class will improve your functional strength. As you continue with Pilates exercises, you will begin to notice everyday activities are a little easier to accomplish. Climbing stairs, long walks, carrying heavy objects, even housekeeping, will get done effortlessly.

Pilates Classes

Traditional pilates classes can be taken at a gym or at a health club. A variety of Winsor Pilates instructional DVDs can be purchased and used at home. These highly motivational DVDs are ideal for weight loss and for attacking those trouble areas. Although you cannot spot reduce, you can actually tone and strengthen weaker areas of your body by working them out more frequently. Putting your time and money into Pilates fitness is a smart investment and will yield a great return. Start investing today to get the most return on your investment.


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