Why Physical Therapy is a Great Workout

Physical therapy is a great workout for several reasons. It strengthens your muscles, increases flexibility and can provide a cardio workout.  It can also help with your balance.

Strength Training Muscles

Physical therapy is great for strengthening muscle groups. Depending on the types of exercises you are doing, you have the advantage of working and isolating the groups of muscles and toning and strengthening them. If you are working on your knees or hips, you are also working on your quads and hamstrings as well as other muscles in the legs.

Because of physical therapy’s ability to become a customized workout or exercise program, you are able to set your own resistance as well. You will work on the muscles or joints that are bothering you as well as building new muscles. You can increase intensity and resistance as you continue the process as well.


Another useful application of physical therapy is for flexibility training. There are several exercise that can be done using different resistance bands and equipment that will improve your flexibility and range of motion. You will have the ability to work on the areas of your body that are problematic and gradually increase the flexibility of other isolated groups of muscles, tendons and joints as well. The more work that you do on the different areas of the body, the better your range of motion will be.


Often time’s physical therapist will use equipment that provides a cardio workout as well. You may be required to use such equipment as stair climbers and treadmills for your workouts. You will be able to increase your level of exercise as the program progresses and thus increase the level of cardio that you are receiving. The benefits of physical therapy are numbered and providing a light cardio workout is one of those benefits.


Using balancing equipment or doing exercises that increase the strength in your legs will improve your balance. You may be asked to use such things as balance beams or balance balls during your workout. Each of these pieces of equipment is designed to help you to improve your balance. The better your balance, the less likely you are to fall or re-injure yourself. Doing balancing exercises is often helpful after surgery or injuries to the knees, ankles, feet and other muscles of the legs.

It is important to follow your doctor’s instructions when doing your physical therapy. Typically the therapist will give you exercises to complete at home as well as those that you do at the center. Make sure that you understand the exercises and are able to complete them safely. Don’t be afraid to ask questions during your sessions. The more time that you spend at the physical therapy sessions, the better your muscles and joints will feel.  It is very important to keep up with your routines to improve your strength, flexibility and balance and to improve your overall health.


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