Why Overweight People Experience Heartburn during Workouts

Heartburn is both a painful and a potentially very frightening situation to deal with. This condition occurs at some point for most people, although certain people are much more prone to it based on their overall health levels or on their diets and other habits. While heartburn typically occurs most often after eating a meal, it can also occur during exercise as well.

Overweight people tend to experience a greater degree of heartburn in general than those people who are of a healthier weight. This means that they’ll experience a greater degree of heartburn while exercising as well as after eating. There are a number of reasons for this, many of which can be remedied through a bit of extra care and some precautionary measures. Read on for a few of the reasons why overweight people tend to experience more heartburn than people who are not overweight.

Acid Buildup

The primary cause of heartburn is acid buildup. Stomach acids are typically prevented from entering into the esophagus by means of the esophageal sphincter. However, people who are overweight are often prone to weaker lower esophageal sphincters. When this is the case, the sphincter may not be able to remain closed while the stomach acid is working inside of the stomach. The result is that the acid is able to enter into the esophagus, where it creates a burning sensation and other signs of discomfort.

Dietary Issues

Heartburn is also brought about in large part due to the presence of certain foods and types of foods in the diet of the patient. Many acidic foods like certain types of fruits will cause heartburn, as will other rich and fatty foods like red meat. Many people who are overweight, and who suffer from heartburn issues as a result of exercising, will be experiencing heartburn as a result of their diet, or will have the heartburn issues be greatly exaggerated because of this. If you have heartburn for this reason, examine the foods that you eat carefully.


As you work out or exercise, your body sweats out essential nutrients and fluids. It’s important that you continue to properly hydrate in order to best maintain your level of health as you exercise. Lack of proper hydration can oftentimes lead to heartburn issues as well. If this is the case for you, be sure to drink plenty of water before, during and after each workout. This will ensure that your stomach acid remains in your stomach where it is intended to be and that you avoid the pains of heartburn.


Many overweight people suffer from heartburn issues because they wear inappropriate clothing. This can strike any person as she exercises. Tight fitting clothing can constrict the stomach and the esophagus, forcing acids back up into the esophagus and creating heart burn. Be sure to wear looser fitting clothing to avoid this potential cause of a painful episode.


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