Why Motivation Is Important in Family Fitness

When it comes to motivation and fitness, the two are generally tough to combine. However, without motivation, you won’t obtain fitness. Fitness is one of those things people love to hate because it takes an immense amount of will power and energy to reach and maintain. Family fitness is no different. When a family is trying to get fit and healthy, motivation is the only thing that will make or break their progress.

Positive Motivation

People react better to positive words and acts more than they do negative ones. That is why using positive forms of motivation for family fitness is crucial to a family’s success. Rewarding family members for eating good foods and completing exercise regimens successfully and without complaint can encourage a positive outlook on fitness and can increase individual motivation.

Setting Goals

There is something about setting and reaching a goal that really increases motivation and drive. Setting small, short-term goals is a sure way to boost motivation and encourage increased performance in a family’s fitness regimen. Make sure the goals are simple enough to be reached without strenuous effort at first, and increase the difficulty of the next as you meet each goal. By establishing a system of work and reward at the start and allowing motivation and healthy competition to grow in each family member, fitness goals are more likely to be reached with a positive attitude.

Patience, Patience, Patience

Part of the family fitness process is accepting that there will be setbacks and obstacles that get in the way of your fitness regimen and goals. Be patient. Take care of necessary business and then change focus to your fitness needs. Being flexible in your fitness program is a sure motivator to keep you relaxed and positive about it.

Keep It Fun!

Nobody is motivated by the mundane, the repetitive or the redundant. Keep your exercises varietal and mix it up with different kinds of activities. Instead of jogging for cardio, go on a hike through the hills, hula hoop or jump rope. Even changing the scenery can do wonders for a person’s motivation. Stretching and doing yoga outside or at the beach is both refreshing and fun and brings an entirely new element to the workout, which consequently creates a more positive workout experience for the family and is a natural form of motivation.

Stick To a Schedule

Set a time either for the family as a whole or for a couple of people at a time to perform their workouts and stick to the schedule. Treat it as you would any other commitment. Dedicate your entire mind to that time and don’t schedule anything else during that time. Staying on schedule will help solidify a routine and the rhythm of the workouts will help motivate your family to complete the workouts successfully before getting back to the rest of their days.

Working as a family to get fit or lose weight is a great way to accomplish your goals. Motivation is a huge part of that success, so use these tips to keep motivation high at all times.


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