Why Group Kickboxing Classes Pump Up Your Workout

Group kickboxing classes are a great way to get an intense total body workout while maintaining a high, calorie-burning heart rate for a long period of time. Kickboxing strengthens arms, core and legs, while providing a fast-paced cardio workout. Performing the exercise in a group helps you develop the form and style that will most effectively tone your muscles. Kickboxing keeps you moving at an intensity that you most likely would not be able to replicate while doing cardio exercise on your own, so take advantage of the group energy of the workout to get the most out of this form of exercise.

Sharpen Your Form

Kickboxing moves, if done wrong, can easily lead to injury. When first starting kickboxing, it’s important to do it under the supervision and direction of a skilled instructor. She will show you how to kick forcefully without over-extending your knees or other joints. You’ll also learn how to move your arms and legs in synch and maintain balance while doing so. You’ll be able to learn this not just from the instructor, but the other members of the class.

The group presence in the class will help prevent you from being self-conscious about not being able to perform the moves perfectly up front. Learning how to do the moves in concert with other people will help you perform with the intensity kickboxing encourages. Once you nail the form in a class, you can also replicate the kickboxing moves on your own.

Sustain the Workout

Many health professionals recommend cardio workout sessions of at least 40 minutes, but finding ways to work out on your own for this long can be difficult. Kickboxing classes can last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour, ensuring that your heart rate will stay up long enough to hit the beneficial length of cardio exercise. The variety in movements and intensity in routines will also prevent you from getting bored, which can be a hindrance to many people in sustaining long aerobic workouts as individuals.

Kickboxing is also sure to work out all the major muscle groups in your body within this time frame, a feat that is hard to reach just by running or biking. Group kickboxing classes often allow time for a healthy and important cool-down, a component of the workout that many choose to leave off when exercising on their own.

Maintain Intensity

When working out alone on a cardio machine, it’s easy to hit the stop button or lower the speed or resistance level once you feel the first hint of fatigue. This option of slowing down all but disappears when you’re in a group kickboxing class. The class keeps you moving along from one sequence to the next, preventing you from even considering stopping. Seeing other people kick and punch with intensity will also keep you kicking and punching. You’ll draw encouragement from seeing others maintain their heart rate and break a sweat, and you won’t want to lose face by stopping when everyone else is chugging along.


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