Why Frozen Vegetables Are a Wise Snack Choice

If you think that organic vegetables are healthier than frozen vegetables, you may be surprised to discover how healthy and easy-to-prepare the frozen variety can be.

Nutrients in Vegetables

Any kind of vegetables make a healthy snack. Vegetables are low in fat and calories and are full of vitamins and minerals that boost your immunity, promote healthy cell growth and protect your skin from free radicals. Since you may not be getting enough vegetables each day with your meals (you need around five servings each day), adding them into your diet as a snack is a simple way to remember to get your daily intake.

Why Frozen Are Healthier Than Fresh

Unless you have a vegetable garden or buy produce directly from a farm, chances are the frozen varieties are actually healthier than the fresh varieties available to you. This is because the “fresh” produce you get at the supermarket is picked long before the vegetables ripen and achieve the maximum levels of nutrients. By the time you purchase the produce, they could also be well on their way to decay.

Frozen vegetables are picked at the peak of ripeness and then flash frozen at that moment. They won’t decay so long as you keep them frozen. When you thaw the vegetables, you’re ingesting the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals that the vegetable has to offer.

A Snack That’s Easy to Prepare

Another reason why frozen vegetables make a much better snack than fresh vegetables is because they are so simple to prepare. Already pre-washed and often cut or chopped up, you won’t have to waste any time preparing them by hand, other than placing them in a microwave-safe bowl and thawing them in the microwave. (You can also just cook them directly.)

You can eat the vegetables as is or dunk them in a veggie dip or hummus. You can also cover them with dressing (preferably something healthier, like a simple vinegar and oil mix). You can cook the veggies in a larger dish, but as far as a snack goes, you should keep it simple and fast.

They Don’t Cost that Much and They Last

Frozen vegetables are rather inexpensive; you can stock up on an entire pound or two of a vegetable or vegetable medley for only around $2-$5. Whereas one fresh vegetable may cost as much and not last anywhere near as long, you can spend a little money on a large inventory of vegetables and keep them in your freezer for daily snacks for weeks. Because they’re so affordable, you can stock up on multiple kinds at once, so that you can keep snacks in rotation and not get tired of eating the same snack over and over.

Frozen vegetables are simple to prepare, rather inexpensive and chock full of nutrients. When you feel a hunger craving, reach for frozen veggies and bring some along to your place of work for a healthy snack on the go.


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