Why Fresh Ingredients Should Replace Canned Vegetables in Your Diet

Although canned vegetables last longer than fresh ingredients, it’s still best to eat fresh vegetables. Fresh vegetables are unseasoned, unprocessed and full of vitamins. Take a look at the other reasons why fresh ingredients are sometimes better than canned. You may want to replace your canned vegetables with fresh ingredients in your diet.

Natural Sodium

Most canned foods already have a certain amount of salt and flavor added for taste. This salt is not good for you if you’re on a low sodium diet or trying to avoid processed foods. Vegetables already have natural sodium. You shouldn’t add any more to your food.

Fresh Taste, Good Look and Great Texture

The fresher the ingredients, the better your meals will taste and look. Soup is a good example of this. Most soups require ripe tomatoes to complete the ingredients. Canned tomatoes are fine, except they are pre-cooked to a certain consistency. Fresh ingredients are plumper, more colorful and juicer. Processed tomatoes are sometimes too ripe or too tart. They also overcook and fall to pieces. Corn is another vegetable that may not taste as it should once it’s canned. Corn is sweet and crunchy when it’s fresh. Canned corns sometimes lacks its natural sweetness, especially if it’s been over-processed.

No Preservatives

You may have noticed preservatives and artificial coloring on some of the canned vegetables you eat. These are not things you can consider healthy for you. Fresh ingredients do not have any type of preservatives or artificial additives. The only real concern you have is washing your food before cooking.

Vitamins and Minerals

There are a great number of vitamins and minerals in all vegetables. These nutrients are essential for your diet and health. Fresh produce is healthier because the nutrients have not been lost during processing. The canning process involves high heat, which is used to cook the food and seal the can. During this process, some nutrients are lost. You won’t have this problem with fresh vegetables. They keep their entire nutrition. Be aware that overcooking your fresh produce can remove some of the vitamins. You should saute vegetables as much as possible to keep their nutrition.

Cooking Specialty Meals

You might be thinking that canned vegetables are easier to cook with than fresh produce. This is true if you’re making a quick and simple meal. However, if you want to make a special stir fry or saute using vegetables, fresh is the only way to go. A good stir fry requires crisp veggies. Green beans, baby corn and bean sprouts are examples of stir fry vegetables that come in cans. The taste, texture and look are not the same as fresher ingredients. Taking a short cut can cost you a delicious meal.

Your diet needs the best foods to be successful. Fresh ingredients are better for your health than processed foods. Even if the ingredient label states that the canned vegetables contain no preservatives or salts, you should still consider purchasing your ingredients fresh.


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