Why Checking Weight Every Day Helps Your Diet

Checking weight every day can help you to lose weight. When daily weight monitoring becomes a habit, it also keeps you from regaining the weight that you worked so hard to lose. Weighing yourself every day helps to keep you accountable. It also keeps weight loss at the forefront of your mind.

Checking Weight and Accountability

Studies show that dieters who weigh themselves regularly see better results. The reason for this is that you can go for weeks without noticing whether you have lost or gained weight. It’s hard to tell if you’re achieving your weight loss goals, especially if you are a stay-at-home parent and don’t have to dress up every day. Maybe you wear loose clothing around the house, in which case it can be hard to discern weight loss.

When checking weight every day, you are facing the scale. It keeps you accountable. If you make it a habit to write down your weight every day, you can easily track your progress from day to day and week to week.

Checking Weight as a Motivator

The exciting part of weighing yourself daily is that when you are seeing results, it encourages you to make more effort. You might feel inspired to exercise more or put one less teaspoon of sugar in your coffee. In this case, the scale becomes a good friend that delivers encouraging news every day.

Conversely, if you are going off your diet for days at a time, checking weight daily is a helpful reminder to resume your diet and exercise regimen. When you don’t check, it’s easy to go for weeks without noticing a change or making any adjustments to get back on track.

A Source of Diet Validation

Checking weight on a regular basis will also give you an indication of whether or not your diet and exercise plan is working for you. If you’re following all requirements of a sound diet plan and are exercising regularly, you should be able to lose at least one to two pounds per week. If this is not happening, the daily weighing allows you to clue into what is and is not working.

If you find that no weight is coming off after dieting and exercising daily for two weeks, you know that an adjustment is necessary. The daily weighing signals you to tune into your diet more closely. Does the diet that you are on make sense for you? Are you consuming extra calories without realizing it? Are you exercising long enough each day and getting your heart rate high enough to burn fat? Weighing yourself daily makes you more mindful of your weight loss goal on a regular basis.

When to Weigh Yourself

To obtain the most accurate results, make sure you weight yourself in the morning, without any clothes on. Once food enters your digestive track, it can interfere with the number you see on the scale. Also, remember that slight daily fluctuations are normal, and do not let these discourage you. Instead, keep a chart of your daily weight and focus on the average throughout the month.

Checking weight daily is a useful part of a successful diet and exercise program. It keeps you accountable. It also motivates you to do things differently if what you’re doing isn’t working. Weighing yourself daily can be a very encouraging thing when the weight is coming off as planned.


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