Why Casseroles are the Easy Low Fat Dishes

One of the easiest low fat dishes is the casserole. Developed as a solution when women started working outside of the home, casseroles have long had a bad rap as artery clogging combinations of eggs, cheese, sour cream and hamburger. However, by using the right ingredients, they can not only be healthy, low fat meals, but also can be prepared in advanced and frozen (and can be the best comfort food).

Casseroles are easy to prepare, and they can feed a multitude of people at once. Not only do they facilitate your kitchen efforts, but by adhering to the tips below, they offer several nutrients.

Lean Protein

Instead of hamburger that is called for in a lot of casserole recipes, use ground turkey. Select meat that is 90% lean or check for packages marked “breast” for the best cuts of meat without any of the dark meat (that has more fat and calories).

Whole Wheat Pasta

Using whole wheat pasta instead of egg noodles can up to triple the fiber of your casserole. Or substitute brown rice in place of white rice. If you are cooking for children or family members that can’t stand whole grain rice or noodles, substitute just one-fourth of the noodles for the whole grain ones and slowly increase the proportions for added nutritional value.


Add vegetables to any casserole, even if it does not call for them. Softer vegetables like peas and corn can be folded into the casserole before baking, while tougher vegetables like broccoli or carrots will need to be pre-cooked.

Low Fat Base

Canned cream soups often make up the base of many casseroles. Substituting the lower fat varieties makes little difference in taste and cut fat substantially. Use reduced fat sour cream, mayonnaise, milk, cheese as well. However, don’t go for fat free products, as they can often leave a casserole watery. 

Use these easy suggestions to turn your favorite casserole recipe into a low fat meal for you and your family.


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