Why A Pilates Certification Is Beneficial

Thinking of getting your Pilates certification? You will need to do some homework first. There are very few standards in the Pilates certification industry, but if you are looking for a top of the line certification, then Stott Pilates or Studio Lotus Power Pilates certification is your answer. These two programs are considered to be the “ivy league” of pilates certifications.  Their philosophy is true to the Joseph Pilates school of thought and technique. They are solid programs that combine instruction with practical experience. Most importantly, they are making it easy for the fitness and health professionals already working in their field to get their pilates certification.

Definition of a Good Certified Pilates Cirriculum

A good program consists of various areas of concentration depending on your specialty. The mat certification is the entry level program and can be combined with other fitness equipment such as the exercise ball and bands. Each level of certification intensity expands your skills and builds on the previous level.  At the highest level of concentration the student will receive instruction on utilizing many of the Pilates apparatus including the:

  • Reformer
  • Cadillac
  • Barrels
  • Ped-o-Pull 
  • Magic Circle

Aligning yourself with a well establish curriculum will give you a lot creditability, open doors of employment opportunities, give you confidence in your job, and be a support system for you as you mature in the discipline. Additionally, programs like Stott and Power build their curriculum based on modern exercise science and will be available to you for your continuing education classes that are part of maintaining your certification.

Employment Opportunities

Being a certified Pilates instructor will provide more employment opportunities outside the gym than being a group exercise instructor or a personal trainer. Pilates is becoming more popular, and there is more demand than ever for instructors who can work with the elderly, pre-natal, children, in rehabilitation, and provide spa services. Even many dance studios have added Pilates to their basic core training.

Certified Pilates instructors’ earnings will vary greatly depending on their specialty.  An annual salary could be as low as $35,000 a year or as high as $100,000 a year. Teaching others is one of the higher paid disciplines, but opening your own spa or gym has unlimited income. 

Whether it is a part time job or a career, be prepared to invest around $4,000 dollars, approximately 600 hours of instruction, and several weekends for testing to earn the certificate.  Some programs offer “bridges” or short cuts for the fitness or health professional already teaching Pilates at a reduced cost. Either way, it’s a big investment of time and money, but has the potential to be as equally rewarding.


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  • Abra

    I invested the money few times more than you stated to get myself pass in STOTT exam. that has not included my 100 hours private training for Classical & STOTT Pilates in 2 years’ time prior to my teaching certification. The full time course they offer is the best I ‘m afraid I have to say so after few years overseeing different Pilates schools in different continents. You are definitely wise enough to include STOTT ( Power Pilates also very excellent ) as top of the line certification. Thank you very much.