Who the Spectrum Is Right For

The Spectrum Diet is based on a healthy lifestyle diet that is suitable for everyone. A dieter can easily adapt to the Spectrum Diet, because this program was created to meet the individual needs of a dieter. Unlike other strict diet programs, the Spectrum Diet is more flexible and allows you to target your specific health issue. The issues that you address might pertain to weight loss, high cholesterol, prostate cancer, or even to reverse heart disease. Once your wellness goal is determined, your next option would be to choose the lifestyle program that fits your need.

The Purpose of the Spectrum Diet

Having good health is the most important aspect for any human being. If your health is impaired, the Spectrum Diet can be the solution to reverse your illness. Dr. Dean Ornish created the Spectrum Diet with one goal in mind. His intention was to develop a program that is effective for people to lose weight, live longer, feel better, and to increase their well being. This diet allows you to have more freedom, rather than being limited to a typical diet. With the Spectrum Diet, you have the ability to build or modify your personal preferences.

Elements in the Spectrum Diet

The Spectrum Diet consists of nutrition, exercise, stress management, foods in the spectrum, and transforming your life. Dr. Ornish’s theory describes the ways in which you can approach your specific need by adjusting your lifestyle. When you become aware of your diet and lifestyle choices, you can then proceed to make the necessary adjustments  that will drastically improve your health.




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