Who the Kind Diet Is Right For

The Kind Diet, by Alicia Silverstone, is advocating a diet with no meat, cheese, diary, white sugar or other processed foods. So what can a person eat? A diet rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains is the foundation of the Kind Diet. This diet requires a shift in mental willingness and awareness. Moreover, a plant-based diet supports the earth and animal life. A person not willing to make this adjustment will find this diet difficult to implement. But, for those who want to lose weight and become healthier in the process, this may be the right diet of choice. 

Weight loss

For those looking to lose weight, the Kind Diet may prove beneficial. By eliminating processed foods and foods high in sugar and fat, weight loss ultimately follows.


Diabetics may find that this diet helps alleviate some of their symptoms, as the Kind diet promotes food high in fiber and low in carbohydrates, cholesterol and saturated fats.

Becoming a Vegetarian

For those wanting to try a vegetarian lifestyle, the Kind Diets offers a tier plan that introduces a vegetarian diet in small steps. The three tier system will take them from level one, which slowly weans them from meats and allows them to get used to more vegetables and meat alternative foods, to level three, which is a hardcore vegan plan with a twist. Level three is completely a plant-based diet and for those seriously committed to living off what mother earth produces, this diet may be right.


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