Who the Instinct Diet Is Right For

The Instinct diet is beneficial for those of us who struggle when dieting and losing weight. As we all know, dieting is not an easy approach, and the goal that you set for yourself might not be easy to accomplish. It is a common behavioral pattern for us to satisfy our hunger by eating, and it is this pattern that often leads to obesity.

One of the main reasons why a person gives up on a diet is because she would have to cut back on eating foods that she enjoys, while trying to reduce calories.The Instinct Diet is a unique concept that helps a dieter maintain weight control, while eating foods to satisfy the appetite.

Benefits of The Instinct Diet

Dr. Susan Roberts, author of “The Instinct Diet” educates dieters on how to turn food instincts into an ideal system of  losing weight. This is a simple diet that is less stressful, and is more focused on the metabolic, genetic and psychological processing in the human body. The dieter does not have to starve in order to lose the weight; the dieter gets to eat healthy, delicious foods that she needs to satisfy hunger.

What Are the 5 Instincts?

According to Dr. Roberts, we can use our 5 food instincts to lose weight, and to maintain long term weight loss. These 5 instincts are:

  1. Hunger – The meals you eat should be able to satisfy your hunger, in order to control eating habits.
  2. Availability – We all have the urge to eat, if food is available.
  3. Calorie dense foods –  These foods provide self gratification when you are able to satisfy your hunger, without over eating.
  4. Familiarity – We all have a tendency to eat foods that we are familiar with. These foods will often trigger cravings.
  5. Variety – By instinct, we are naturally drawn to a variety of foods that increases our consumption. This instinct can actually be controlled to promote weight loss.

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