Who the High Protein Diet Is Right for

The High Protein Diet is a diet in which a great deal of protein is consumed on a daily basis, with the intent to build muscle and lose fat. This diet is not identical to the Atkins Diet, which is a low-carb eating plan that requires fat to be used as fuel. While carbs should be limited on the High Protein diet, it does not encourage the consumption of fat as does the Atkins Diet. It promotes the intake of lean protein, such as chicken, turkey, lean red meat, legumes and egg whites, and claims that these proteins will fill you up more adequately than carbohydrates. Since proteins are the building blocks of muscle, this eating style will facilitate your body’s muscle building capability. And, since fat is burned inside of muscles, it will essentially turn your body into a fat burning machine, provided you supplement your diet with lots of strength training and weight lifting.

Before you decide to begin a high-protein eating regimen, take caution–this diet is not for everyone. And, depending on your lifestyle and current health situation, you may be doing your body more harm than good by ingesting a great deal of protein every day.


The people who will benefit from a large amount of protein are bodybuilders. Their bodies will use this protein to continue to build and repair their muscles, and fuel their workouts. Even if you’re not a bodybuilder, but are extremely active and engage in weight training regularly, your body will benefit from lean protein. It is recommended that women ingest 46 grams of protein a day.

If you enjoy the taste of meat, poultry and fish, and already consume it regularly, then you will most likely benefit from a high protein eating style. However, you must be a disciplined dieter to see the best results. If you turn to fatty meats and cheeseburgers regularly, you will gain, not lose weight. This diet will only work if you choose lean sources of protein and exercise self control.


If you have kidney or liver problems, then a high-protein diet is not for you, and you should not attempt this eating plan. If an excess amount of protein is present inside your body, it cannot store this surplus, and therefore it gets rid of it through urination. If your kidneys or liver don’t function properly, your body can’t expel this excess protein, leading to further complications. Also, extra protein puts your body at risk for kidney stones and osteoporosis, meaning if you are already at risk for these diseases, you probably shouldn’t try the High Protein Diet.

You also won’t benefit from the high-protein diet if you’re a vegetarian. Since many forms of protein come from animal sources, this diet would be difficult for you to follow if you abstain from eating them. If you are a vegetarian, you should strive to ingest the recommended allotment of protein from other sources, such as legumes or tofu.

Talk to your doctor before you attempt the High Protein Diet to ensure that you’re an ideal candidate and that your body will benefit from this eating plan.


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