Who the FullBar Diet Is Right for

The Fullbar diet is a diet that was inspired by the same principles used in weight loss surgery. The basic idea is that when you feel full, you will eat less. This diet was developed by Dr. Michael A. Snyder who is a board certified general surgeon. After five years of research, the Fullbar diet was born. 

Simple Concept

The Fullbar diet is a very easy diet to follow. There are no calories to count and no meetings to attend. All you need to do is eat a Fullbar with an 8 ounce glass of water 30 minutes before you eat a meal. This Fullbar will fill up some of your stomach before you eat a meal, and you will therefore, eat less at that meal.

All Around Diet

In addition to eating a Fullbar before a meal, an exercise routine will need to be implemented. Exercise will help to speed up the weight loss process. You will also need to learn the signals your body is sending out. How hungry are you before the meal? Why are you eating? Once you figure these things out, you can see if you are eating for the right reasons and save yourself some additional calories.

Who This Diet Is For

This is a good diet plan for someone who wants to lose some weight, but does not want to make a huge change in what they are eating.  The portion size will most likely change, but the types of foods being eaten will not have to change. This diet will also be good for someone who can add exercise to their daily life and stick to that routine. Not all diets are alike, but if you want one that will not have a huge lifestyle change, the Fullbar diet may be for you.


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