Who the French Women Don't Get Fat Diet Is Right for

The general notion of the French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet is that French women are able to maintain a slim figure by eating healthy foods. Author Mireille Guiliano wrote a non diet book titled “The French Women Don’t Get Fat.” According to Guiliano, only 11 percent of French people are obese, and in her book she explains the secrets why so many are able to maintain a healthy figure.

Guiliano stresses the importance of not feeling deprived while eating the foods we love. This technique allows us to have more self control. You can slowly eat your favorite foods for the pleasure of it, without eating excessively. Her advice is to eat good high-quality foods in small portions, and to relish each bite.

The Right Diet?

If you’re interested in trying a flexible diet concept that allows you to eat healthy foods, while you savor each bite, this diet could be for you. You will not see quick results from this diet; it takes patience and motivation to obtain results. The French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet is a program designed for three months. With this program, you are required to alter the way in which you consume food, while reducing food portions.


Vigorous exercise is not a requirement in The French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet, but daily walking and physical activity is a necessity. If you are persistent with this regime, you are more likely to burn calories and shed pounds. In the book Guiliano also talks in great detail about how you  can maintain your ideal weight by eating, drinking and moving.


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